The psychology department participates in the Susan G. Koman MORE THAN PINK WALK in Tyler every year.

“TJC has always had a presence in that run … I probably started about 12 years ago, maybe 13.” said Deborah Kelley, professor of psychology and sociology.

This event used to be a fun run. It has since been changed to a walk.

Students are encouraged to join the team when the walk is during the semester. This year it falls on May 11, after graduation.

Kelley took over as team captain about eight years ago, after the previous captain stepped down.

“There was no one to fill that [position], so I just picked it up because I really enjoy it,” said Kelley.

This walk is to raise money for cancer research, as well as commemorate those who have fought the battle.

Survivors have a special shirt to show that they beat cancer.

“I’ve had family members pass away from breast cancer. I have some very dear friends on this campus that have struggled with breast cancer,” said Kelley.

The Susan G. Komen non-profit foundation uses its funds for not just research, but also to help women in need.

“One of the things they do is … if somebody needs a mammogram, they’ll fund the mammogram if they don’t have the monies,” said Kelley.

Students, faculty and family members join to walk with “Psyched OUT,” the TJC team.

“Join my team,” said Kelley.


  1. I’d love to join! This event not only sounds extremely fun, it is also an event that spreads awareness and brings the community.

  2. The pink walk is such an inspirational event that helps many. By participating one feels as if they’ve done a great deal to help move along research on cancer so that one day, everyone who is diagnosed can have faith that due to technological and research advancements the fight will be much easier.

  3. I am happy that Professor Kelley took up that position when she didn’t have to. I didn’t know that the psychology department joined this event and I think it is wonderful that they do. Thank you for an awesome article. I enjoyed reading it.

  4. That’s an awesome program, and I can’t believe i’ve never heard about it. Count me in at the next walk, and I hope a lot of good comes to those suffering from such deadly disease.


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