10 year enrollment history.  Graphic by Cecilia Kohl and Adam Palacios. 

This fall, TJC’s population hit a record high with 12,270 students enrolled. Last fall, there were only 11,881 students enrolled, meaning TJC has seen a 7 percent increase in just one year.

“We’ve hit an all-time historic high with enrollment,” Marketing, Media and Communications Executive Director Kim Lessner said. This summer, TJC has implemented new strategies that have contributed to the rise in admissions. “Between admissions, the registrar’s office, and our Advising Department, we had a lot of registration events [which] are especially important for first-time college students. We call them ‘fast-track’ events because in one day you can get tested, see an advisor, register for classes and walk out with a printed schedule. This was very well received.”

In addition to expanding the number of “fast track” events, the time of the events was also expanded to fit schedules of students who work longer hours by offering a “late evening and Saturdays,” Lessner said.

Besides events, Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations Rebecca Sanders said that “communication, [such as] text messages and emails, [were sent to] students that were really close to completing their paperwork.” These reminders encouraged students to “be ready,” Sanders said.

Lastly, TJC “has increased the number of class offerings [by] adding the new industrial maintenance [and] culinary arts program,” Sanders said. “TJC will continue to grow, and [with] the ability to offer up to five bachelors degrees, you will probably see us go in that direction very quickly,” said Lessner. “TJC is all about meeting the needs of the local employers … We offer a great quality education, but at a very affordable price. You will continue to see TJC grow, make no doubt about it.”


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