Maya Gayler

I enjoy the new block schedule. This year there are Monday Wednesday classes, Tuesday Thursday and Friday or Saturday. I like this because I no longer have classes on Friday and I can make more of my weekend.

Nicholas Kenebrew

I enjoy the new schedule either way. To me classes are classes and I go regardless of the day of the week. Although I do like not having Friday classes, I have had them in the past and it wasn’t as bad.

Cecilia Kohl

I totally love the block schedule. When I am in class I can get a lecture and then go right into lab. I can work on on my assignment and ask my professor for any help or I can ask a classmate.  Plus that means no classes on Friday.


Bella Mendiola

I enjoy the current schedule, however I was not here for the previous one. I feel like the longer classes can be beneficial and can allow the students to learn and complete their work all in one class.

Sharae Corbin

I had Friday classes my first semester of my freshman year and I did not enjoy them at all because I felt like I lost a huge chunk of my weekend. Ever since then I haven’t had any Friday classes so the new schedule change doesn’t affect me much!


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