By Haley Huston

An unnamed female resident of Crossroads hall was sexually assaulted in her dorm room on Wednesday the 26th.

The victim approached an officer Friday, the 28th, the Movie on the Lawn in front of Jenkins. Following protocol Campus Safety then began posting notices in all the residential halls and on all the doors of female residents in Crossroads, according to Chief Randy Melton.

These notices described the assailant as being “in his late teens or early twenties is described as a Black male and is believed to be a residential student at Tyler Junior College.”

Melton couldn’t comment as to how the assailant got in the victims room, but Residential Life and Housing policy states on students of TJC can enter residential halls with the person they are visiting present and they must sign-in. Crossroads has Residential Life and Housing staff posted at the front desk throughout the day.

“At this time I cannot discuss the details for what may or may not of what took place before, other than that they knew each other, they were acquaintances,” said Melton.

At this time Campus Police do not know the identity of the assailant.

“At this time we do not know his name. We are very hopeful our continuing investigation will reveal a name,” said Melton.

Residential Life and Housing commented that Crossroads has the same security that ever other dorm has including security cameras and doors that require a coded student ID to enter.

Following protocol the victim was taken to an emergency room for doctors to administer a rape kit.

“The, I don’t want to say victim, the female went to the emergency room and a forensic exam was done,” said Melton. “So protocol requires this, the scene, a collection of evidence, photography and things of that nature through the investigation. And to see what forensic evidence might be collected, even though it happened two days earlier.”

This story will be updated as mytjcnews continue this investigation.


  1. I really don’t want to be that one person to say this but for some reason it just doesn’t add up? The girl was acquainted with him but wouldn’t give his name? Were they friends? How did he get into her dorm? Should his name have been on the sign in sheet or were they sneaking around together? What really happened? And why did it take her 2 days to say something? There are two sides to every story.

  2. Shouldn’t there be cameras around? I’ve heard about dorms having cameras after the lobby that leads to the dorm rooms. If not, then they might want to think about installing them to ensure safety and regulation with students.

  3. This is so awful. People of this day and age, especially males, shouldn’t think they have the right to do this to someone. They don’t think about the consequences, or the damage they’re doing to that person.

  4. A lot of this article doesn’t make sense. They claimed the assailant and the victim were acquaintances, yet they do not know who the assailant was? Why did it take the victim two days to make the claim? I sure hope this has been investigated properly and justice was done.

  5. Some thing is not right about all of this because with all the security in this school stuff like this is still happening.


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