Student and Faculty Dance Performance


Anna Grace Drewett

Staff Writer

Liz Danly and Deja Horton, current college students at TJC, are the directors for TJC’s Academy of Dance annual student and faculty dance performance. This program will be performed on May 3 at 7 p.m. in the TJC Wise Auditorium with tickets selling for $5 each.

Each piece for the show is choreographed by college students, whether individually or as a class. These pieces are then auditioned to be accepted for the show, and then critiqued by Carolyn Hanna and Shurrell Wiebe, directors for TJC’s Academy of Dance.

The students auditioned and received feedback on their pieces a week before spring break, allowing the dancers enough time to improve and tweak their piece before the program in May.

While most years the faculty dances alongside the students, this year the faculty will not be performing. However, when a faculty member does have the chance to perform with their students, it creates a deeper bond between student and teacher.

The college students performing often ask a few younger students to participate in the show. This opportunity gives the younger students a chance to learn and gain experience, while offering older students the chance to teach and choreograph for groups.

Students oversee their own lighting, costumes, music, and choreography, so this show is a wonderful opportunity to teach students the importance of responsibility. Since many classes choreograph as a group, students also learn the important life skills of collaboration and compromise.

When speaking about why this show is important, Wiebe stated, “I enjoy watching how much the kids have progressed. It is a proud moment to watch them incorporate all they have learned during the year in a show geared specifically to help them showcase their work.”


  1. I would like to give a goodluck to all the participants in the next dance performace and I wish i would have been there for the present performance made, im sure everyone did a good job.

  2. Shows like this give a great deal of opportunity to students young and old to gain knowledge and experience in what they want to do, I’m sure there will be lots of things to learn from.

  3. This was a really good piece ,and sounds like great fun. It is a lovely idea to get students and teachers together and create a better bond.

  4. I wish the staff was still performing alongside their students, since it eases the tension among the two. I think often times students are a little intimidated by teacher, and won’t confront them with any problems or concerns. The dance performance seemed to break the bond between teacher and student, thus creating a better classroom environment.


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