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By the end of the semester, students and faculty can expect to see improvements to campus Wi-Fi, according to Chief Information Officer Jeff Hassett. 

“When we get into the spring semester, they are going to see that service become what it should be,” Hassett said. “The Wi-Fi has been a challenge here for quite some time. It’s one service that our students should rely on when they come on campus. We want to make sure that they have a good experience because that’s how they get a lot of stuff done, like homework and exams.”

 The Wi-Fi infrastructure equipment has been undergoing a recent upgrade; however, the Wi-Fi system has not been modified for 11 years. 

“In a location like TJC, where 80 people might be in one room and only 20 in another room, you have to fine-tune how the Wi-Fi works because there are a lot more people on their devices in one space than in other spaces,” Hassett said. “It will take some time to get things right for a campus this large. It is a fairly complex system, and there are a lot of revolving parts.  Those access points give off a signal in an area and when you get further away, the signal starts to become weaker. The problem is that when a device connects to a specific access point, devices today want to stay connected to the same access point. We have to design a system where devices are encouraged to let go of that one and connect to a new access point.”

The reason the Wi-Fi will take so long is because the Office of Technology Services will be changing the configuration of the system, tuning and potentially changing locations of Wi-Fi parts. 

“We have gone into the Pirtle Building and started some of the tuning process,” Hassett said. “We started working in the building to see if we can’t get all of the configuration and all of the standardization, we want to work in Pirtle to get the results we expect. Pirtle is kind of our test bed right now, but we have also been testing at the Rogers Nursing Health and Science Center.” 

Some buildings, like the Rogers Nursing Health and Science Center can have up to 40 access points because their coverage only goes so far. 

“Even when people aren’t on their phones, their devices are constantly checking messages, email, Facebook, Twitter, things like that,” Hassett said. “Even when the screen is blank, it is doing a lot of work. Your phone is using the network, even when you aren’t. If you have 50 students in an area, all with two devices all connecting to the Wi-Fi at the same time in a fairly small area, it can be a challenge to see where are the areas where students gather and how can we give more resources to those areas.”

On average, Vaughn Library can see roughly 109 people per day. 

“We have had plenty of students coming to us, asking if there was any way we could fix the Wi-Fi,” Student Assistant at the Vaughn Library Technical Assistance Center, Yamini Johnson said. “Students complain that they don’t have enough time to take tests on their laptops because it will close out or lock them out completely. We feel bad, but we don’t know what to do.  The internet is bad, all around and I feel like it needs to be addressed.”

The Office of Technology Services also helps students and faculty with password resets, account lockouts, logging into Canvas and software installs. 

“We are hoping to roll out a lot of changes over the semester. It doesn’t require down time, so the students aren’t just not going to have Wi-Fi for a day. We are going to do this to not impact the students’ ability to use the Wi-Fi, we will implement our changes in the least disruptive way so students do not lose this service during normal times on campus and will keep the system functional as we make our changes.”


  1. I wish the IT Department the best of luck in improving the wifi signals across campus and hope they can get it fixed up by the end of the semester.

  2. This is an great and informing article and I want to wish the best and a speedy process with me staying on campus and experiencing how the Wi-fi is.

  3. I did hear students complaining about the WIFI a lot lately on campus. Thankfully my parents got me unlimited data and hotspot so that when I need my laptop, really anywhere, I can just use my phone’s connection. But hopefully, the department does fix the problem soon. Some students depend on the school’s wifi because that’s all they have.

  4. It is really great that they are trying to improve the WiFi to make it stronger. It is a big part of the school and if that is not working nobody will be able to do anything. Really sad that it has been 11 years since it has been modified, and with a school you have to try to keep up with the latest technology for the students.

  5. This improvement is awesome I use the wifi for homework and have noticed that its not the best so the improvement is great to hear.

  6. I’m glad that this issue is finally getting addressed. I hope they are successful with the changes and the connection gets better over time.

    • The improvement being made on the Internet is really necessary. I would like the connection of WiFi to get better specially for students who do a lot of homework and exams on their computer

  7. It is good that they are trying to improve the quality of the internet. One tip that I would suggest is that students use their own cellular data if they are taking a test. That way you know that it will be connected and have good signal. Sometimes relaying on a general WiFi could be full and slow with other user’s.

  8. I’m glad that this article took the time to interview the man in charge of fixing the WiFi. This gives me hope that the situation might improve. He gave specific instructions on what will be happening and why it is happening. He didn’t just avoid the situation entirely like most people would. Overall great article, very informative and helpful.

  9. This is great news that they are finally doing something new to address the wifi issues! I believe this will help around campus tremendously!

  10. I’m happy that the slow connection that sometimes occurs is being taken care of. Hopefully, the issue is resolved or improved soon!


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