Tennis Anyone ?


Nicholas Kenebrew, Sports Editor

Tennis season is about to start, and coach Dash Connell has great aspirations for this upcoming season as always.

TJC Men’s and Women’s tennis teams received their national championship rings.

Last spring, the Apaches won their first national title since 2013, but 16th of the program.

Connel was named Coach of the Tournament ran away with the championship by scoring 53 points to runner-up ASA Miami’s 43 in the weeklong tournament held at Collin College in Plano.

The Women’s team made it back-to-back national champions.

Coach Connell didn’t really know how to explain the national championship win, but he was happy.

“It’s good but, it’s hard to explain. Good feeling though”, said Connell.

As far as goals go, Connell is excited.

“Proving to the people that back how difficult it was to get to a championship. You look back at how great we were and how talented we were, you forget how much work it was,” said Connell.

“The second side is getting the freshman to follow those who have been there before. Really it’s about getting the work ethic down,” said Connell.

“The whole goal is to get better through the year,” said Connell.

“I’ll be happy to see what we can do in the big moments. We are very capable of doing so,” said Connell.

Connell wants to build relationships with the players and for them to enjoy the process.

“If we establish with the players, that really whats impactful. It really seems to sit around here the most.

Players aren’t sad that they’re leaving the facility or campus, those are great things, but they’re upset that they are leaving the relationships. Having a good team helps those relationships,” said Connell.

Connell wants fans and faculty to be proud of what TJC Tennis is all about and to support the program all the way.




  1. Throughout my first semester I heard a lot of good new about the tennis team. One of the most repeated comment I heard was that they are very talented and of course everyone loves winning! Everyone is proud how you all compete the way the program does and are look forward to many more rings! Good luck this season and bring home another National Championship ring!

  2. The TJC tennis team has done a great job of upholding the champion standard in the athletic program. I’ve heard and seen the hard work they put in for practice and individual work. They are a very talented team with high chance of winning more rings to come.


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