By Jessica King
Staff Writer

Photos by Jessica King

The Foundry Coffee House has invited the Tyler community in for a weekend brunch from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday.
“We wanted to do something really fun for people and something different just to bring people together and bring in a specialty item for the weekend,” Aria Blair, pastry chef at the Foundry Coffee House, said. According to, “From the seed in the ground to the coffee in your cup, The Foundry is all about relationships.”
“Our intent of having a brunch is people are usually hanging out with their friends and family on the weekend. We offer a flatbread that is like a shareable piece and we really wanted to incorporate that instead of something individual, we wanted to bring in like more of a community thing,” Blair said.

Blair began her journey as the pastry chef at the Foundry in June 2020 and has been baking ever since. The menu she has curated for weekend brunch includes: paleo donuts, vegan energy bars, snickerdoodles, three cheese quiche, ham and swiss quiche, gluten, free vegan carrot cake, jamon and guyere croissant, spanakopita hand pie and fig, and feta cheese flatbread.
“I like making the gluten-free vegan carrot cake because I have food allergies myself, and I really like reaching people that can’t have treats or find treats as easily,” Blair said.
According to Blair, The Foundry has always offered a wide selection of pastries, however, opening up for a weekend brunch has benefited its business because it has allowed brunch and lunch type of pastries to be incorporated into the menu.
Holly Graves, a barista at The Foundry, said her favorite part of working the weekend brunch is “it usually brings in more of a crowd and so there is more opportunity to talk to people.”

“It’s like a little special party on the weekend,” Blair said.
For more information about The Foundry Coffee House or their weekend brunch, visit


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