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The Tyler Junior College Alumni Association is restructuring its events for the 2021 spring semester.
Due to the outbreak of COVD-19 last spring, the Alumni Association has had to reorganize events for alumni activities at TJC. The Alumni Association has been looking at rules and regulations so they can organize safer events.
“The Alumni Association’s focus has been reviewing the organization’s bylaws to ensure the document best reflects the intent of the organization and the working structure of the Alumni Association within the framework of the college,” Amy Cunningham, a member of the Alumni Board of Directors, said. “In addition to this project, we’ve done our best to continue to promote student engagement. For example, being involved in the TJC Virtual Spirit week in October 2020.”
The Alumni Association has used Zoom for their meetings in discussing further plans.
“We’ve continued to meet via Zoom and continue work on our projects and stay updated on-campus events, including the Performing Arts Campaign,” Cunningham said. “It’s been challenging to connect during the pandemic.”
With the cancellation of events in the 2020 spring semester, the Alumni Association has been working to reschedule those.
“We had to cancel planned 2020 alumni events, including a 50th anniversary celebration for Dental Hygiene, our biannual Sports Circle of Honor event and all of the in-person fall Homecoming activities, including the annual Alumni Awards Dinner,” Susan Farrington, TJC director of alumni relations, said. “We are in the process of trying to reschedule those and other new alumni events in 2021. We have not released that schedule because it is still in review as are all or most public events.”
While the Alumni Association Board of Directors discusses plans for the future, they are waiting for more information before putting plans on the calendar.
“The coronavirus pandemic is still generating concerns and requirements relative to in-person social gatherings, ” Farrington said.
The Alumni Association has been reaching out to past students in order to keep them in the loop of events.
“I think we’re on the road toward keeping more recent former-students better plugged-into the affairs at TJC, However, the task of locating and re-connecting with past students from the previous 50 years is a much steeper hill to climb,” Doc Deason, TJC Alumni Board member, said. “College-aged kids are very transient. And, TJC normally catches many of them on the front end of their journey, which is even more of a challenge if you hope to keep up with those former-students. Thankfully, nowadays we have the help of social media, which can cast a large net.”


  1. I feel this is going to be a problem for some because you have students out there that like to be interactive with school activities. But honestly it’s for the safety of students and staff and you never know how the virtual things may go.

  2. I feel as if this will help the students and staff be able to rebuild slowly what used to be a fun and energetic campus. The alumni will start getting to their regular activities just the safer way !

  3. Being at home and not being able to interact with the outside world can be diffuclt for many of us but there is always next year to accomplish this events! Virtual learning can be hard at first but safety comes first.

  4. I feel like this can be very challenging for the students who love to interact with the school activities. However, there is always a next years to accomplish every even with safety.

  5. I am glad that they are not canceling the events completely, because I believe the events are enjoyable for the students and staff. I understand that it is going to more difficult due to the pandemic, but at least it’s something.

  6. This was a very informative article for students who either attend school online or on campus. Although it’s unfortunate for virtual students to miss out on school activities as it contributes to the experience of going to college, it allows the alumni to provide fun and safe events for the future as we currently have to adjust to the Coronavirus pandemic.


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