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Story updated March 20.

The Coronavirus is putting a pause on global events ranging from sports and concerts to school closures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For the health and safety of students in Texas, institutions and universities have closed their doors and are switching to online classes for either a portion or the remainder of the semester. Tyler Junior College announced on March 19 that it will hold no in-person classes until April 6. This is a tentative date. Existing 16-week and 12-week online classes will resume on March 23.

TJC President Dr. Juan Mejia said in a press release, “The health and safety of our college community is always a primary concern for TJC. However, we are equally dedicated to helping our students achieve their college and career goals. To that end, we are working diligently to ensure that this unprecedented college closure will not unnecessarily impact our students’ journeys.”

As of March 18, there have been 1,907 people tested with 83 testing positive and two deaths as result of complications, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

TJC also announced on March 18 that all on-campus events or events hosted by the campus will be canceled until the end of April, including but not limited to, concerts, outdoor events, theatre productions, festivals, movie nights and more.

Jace Thomas, a trombone player for the TJC Wind Ensemble, expresses how the cancelation of such events is affecting musicians and music majors.

“The announcement of all events being canceled is definitely heartbreaking. As a musician, I can tell you that making music with your friends for an audience is definitely a special moment,” Thomas said. “To have that taken away from you, is very upsetting. However, it is most important to push through these tough times and work as a community to fight COVID-19 and become whole again.”

Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations Rebecca Sanders stated in a press release sent on March 19 that, “TJC residence halls are tentatively scheduled to re-open on Sunday, April 5.”

New information regarding the campus’ updated plan will be sent through email and will show up on the TJC website. For more information about TJC’s procedures and concerns, visit


  1. I have seen that UT Tyler will be held online for the rest of the semester. It seems the TJC follows suit when it comes to these types of events. I believe that TJC will end up going all online through the rest of the semester. I also wonder what this will do to graduation. I am on track to graduate from TJC in May. I am hoping that I will be able to walk the stage this May.

  2. Asking for trouble… Go ahead and hold the classes and send them into the community with more knowledge but only to infect others around them, their families and people they don’t even know including the small children an elderly with underlying conditions. I hope they rethink this as we all sit at home and sef quarantine trying to not catch this virus And trying not to spread it… What are you thinking!

  3. I believe TJC should take precautions and carefully think about the safety of the students, faculty and staff, as well as others in the community. Yes, the President has the right idea in mind to continue to help college students get their education and stay on track but it sort of defeats the purpose if more and more people continue to get sick.


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