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In a recent virtual board meeting, Tyler Junior College’s administration announced its schoolwide subscription to Zoom, a video conferencing application that allows faculty and students to communicate away from campus. 

According to Chief Information Officer Jeff Hassett, TJC had originally planned to purchase this subscription for the fall 2020 term. However, due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak and the college’s subsequent transition to online classes, the subscription has been implemented immediately.

“Our new platform was selected because its product roadmap is very aligned with educational use cases,” Hassett said. “It has a very intuitive interface, integrates very well with our other technologies (like Canvas) and is also a more competitively priced solution than previous solutions.”

Before the subscription was announced, many students and staff had already turned to Zoom to maintain virtual communication away from school. Board meetings, student advising appointments and instructional sessions are among the uses Zoom has served for the TJC community thus far. 

“Faculty will be able to manage remote learning sessions and virtual office hours with this technology,” Hassett said. “Other online services like advising and tutoring will also benefit from this new technology to better serve our students.”

The service has been purchased for unlimited use by all faculty, staff and students for academic or job-related duties associated with TJC. Zoom is integrated into Canvas, an application already used by all TJC students and faculty. Hassett has also provided instructions and training videos for TJC faculty to become acquainted with Zoom and all it has to offer.

Students and faculty can activate their Zoom account by visiting and using their TJC logins. Additional announcements about TJC’s Zoom subscription are expected to follow.

For more information on getting started with Zoom, including installation and troubleshooting, visit


  1. I am glad that the school is thinking ahead and planning for communication during this pandemic. I hope that all of the Tyler Junior College students and faculty are able to adjust well to using Zoom and produce the same results as in-person classes.

  2. Using zoom is taking a step in a better direction for the professors, faculty and students to continue communicating and receive the help they need with a click of a button.

  3. Zoom is a great way to stay connected while also taking the precautionary measures that we are advised. This is the next best thing for students who can’t learn by teaching themselves, because they are still able to listen and watch their instructor as well as getting to ask questions if needed. It makes me feel good that TJC is staying up to the latest news to ensure we get the best possible learning atmosphere.

  4. I had no idea what Zoom was until the COVID-19 panic and all I have to say is that they’re probably making bank right now.

  5. I absolutely love Zoom meetings. I have only had one, but it was the bomb. I feel like online classes should be converted to Zoom instead of emailing. For those who learn best with face-to-face classes, including myself, this method is great! I hope to see more of these.

  6. I had never heard of Zoom until we had to move online because of the coronavirus. It’s so crazy to have never heard of the application to it being an application recognized throughout the country overnight.

  7. This was a superb decision to have been made by TJC! I myself enjoyed the zoom calls I had with my class and the advising Zoom calls made it so simple for me to set up my fall classes! It was very thoughtful and smart on your part to have gotten it ahead of time. Zoom is simple and very effective. Fantastic job apaches!


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