Apparently some people take their role-playing games a little too far.

On April 21, 2013 at 10: 25 p.m. Campus Police received a call from Ornelas Dorms about a man who was carrying a sword outside the dorms.

The caller said that they saw a young black male wearing a yellow hoodie waving a sword outside the dorms.

Campus police responded immediately to the scene.

“Any incident like this, we take immediate action,” said Randy Melton, chief of Campus Police.

When the suspect saw the campus police car he ran in a different direction. Campus Police then called for assistance from the Tyler Police Department.

Upon arrival, police found the suspect near the Pirtle Technology building. Officers then caught the suspect in the parking lot.

The suspect, Christopher James Kelley, 18, was carrying a 22” double-edged sword. According to Texas Penal Code, guns and any knives that are longer than 5 ½” in length is illegal.Sword Play

Kelley was arrested and booked into Smith County Jail for a Class A misdemeanor of carrying an unlawful weapon setting bail at $2,500.

Previously Kelley was arrested back in August of 2012 for physical assault.


  1. Glad that the college has such a quick response when it comes to matters of this sort. Sigh of relief that no one was actually injured from the incident. Makes a person wonder how long he actually had the sword on campus and it’s just unbelievable that no one noticed it before now and did not report it.

  2. The karate kid comment is hilarious! Weird incident. I’ve never heard of anything like that happening before. Crazy people in this world.

  3. Yes, I think that is so stupid to make such a thing! Obviously he was planning on using it for some reason! I think is is also stupid for running because then the cops knew that he knew that he was in the wrong for having that sword with him! So glad he did not have the chance to use it for something, I am very please that we have a law that says it is illegal to have a knife longer than five and half inches.

  4. Good job campus police on the quick response!! Unfortunetly we all do stupid things at 18 – I hope he can recover from this and contribute to the improvement of society.

  5. Wow, people never cease to amaze me.
    Such an incredibly stupid thing to risk your future for.
    I bet he’s feeling really ignorant right about now.

  6. This article caught my attention because I just couldn’t believe someone actually did this. Who thinks it is a good idea to swing a sword around on a college campus? The dumbest thing he did was run because now he is putting people around him in danger. I’m glad nobody got hurt and hopefully this kid will learn from this situation.


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