According to TJC officials, Sgt. Reginald “BJ” Williams has resigned after improper handling of a firearm during a weapons demonstration:

“Following an internal review of an incident that occurred during a weapons demonstration at the TJC Law Enforcement Academy on Monday, Campus Police Sgt. Reginald “BJ” Williams has tendered his resignation. As a result of the review, TJC Campus Police determined that a necessary safety precaution did not take place as required. The institution considers safety to be paramount in all types of training and follows up with all concerns presented. ┬áIn this particular case, the trainer failed to meet the established expectations.”


  1. I’m sorry this officer lost his job, but it makes me feel more secure that our TJC Campus Police considers safety such a high priority. Even little things that are overlooked can make a difference between life or death, and something that seems so insignificant can quickly become a tragedy.


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