When you read something about what’s going on with mental health do you skip it? I feel like it’s hard for people to talk about mental health or grasp the fact that college students are dealing with it on a daily basis. I definitely know my fellow students and I need to be educated about mental health and the signs of it.  The signs may include hurting or killing themselves, feeling hopeless or trapped, feeling like they have no reason to live and feeling like a burden to others. Also, an increase in drinking and drug use can be a sign. 

I deal with mental health from social anxiety, self-esteem and depression. If you feel overwhelmed, I can say I’m in a better place and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I also have several family members who deal with severe anxiety as college students who struggle with balancing work, staying fit and  studying.

When mental health week kicked off last week, it was important for students to know more about dealing with a mental health illness and that it’s OK to get help. You shouldn’t  feel ashamed for having one. TJC had several events regrading mental health, icluding Josh Rivedal who spoke about mental health and suicide prevention and yoga on the lawn. On Oct. 10, TJC held Pet a Pooch that let students who felt stressed out come to the library and pet a dog, and who doesn’t love puppies or dogs! 

An article on safecolleges.com explains, “the mental health stigma is a grave concern on campus because it can prevent students from receiving the care they may need.”  The article says “suicide is the second most common cause of death among college students.” According to safecolleges.com, 1,000 students take their lives each year on college campuses.

Colleges need more information about mental health like posters and workshops on how to deal with mental health which should provide advice on them. I know that colleges need more than one counselor to help students who are dealing with mental health illness and just need a place to go and talk.  According to safecolleges.com, “80- 90 % of college students who die by suicide were not receiving help from college counseling center.” At TJC counseling services are available.

Suicide is an important concern for colleges and universities around the United States, so they need to know how to label the issue and go over what resources are available.

Here are some points from safecolleges.com to reduce the stigma of suicide on our campus. 

1. Give the campus a forum to get insight for students and faculty on mental health and suicide issues at the school.

 2. Instruct the students, faculty and  staff on mental health awareness, suicide prevention and the warning signs.

 3. Colleges need to assist healthy studying and learning through the stressful times on campus, such as exam week.

 4. Recruit a professional and experienced mental health staff for our campus to be the supporter for the students who are fighting with mental illness. 

5. Motivate students who are dealing with mental health to go after help or to speak to their friend or a member of the college if they know they might be suffering from mental illness or thinking about hurting themselves. 

As a student, I would want to know there’s someone to talk to about my struggles and what is available on campus to help. Remember, you are not alone with this, and you can get help and fight through it. The national suicide prevention hotline is: 1-800-273-8255


  1. I too hope the stigma concerning mental health changes so individuals in need feel safe and comfortable seeking help. Students do need to know they are not alone. Programs outlined above would certainly help students on our campus.

  2. I feel like this is a great step in the right direction for future and current students, not only are there multiple options for getting help it encourages more people to engage. I’d like to think as this gains momentum more people will step up and get themselves the help they deserve.

  3. This article is well-written. I believe that colleges need to do more to help with mental illnesses students face sense most can be brought on by being in college.

  4. Mental health is a serious issue amongst the general population, especially college students. Thank you for this article that highlights the seriousness of an issue that often goes overlooked or isn’t taken seriously until it is too late.

  5. I’m glad there’s an article written about the topic of mental health. A lot more awareness needs to be spread so people know to check up on their friends and family, especially the ones in college focusing on their degree.

  6. This article really brings light to this issue. I agree that colleges should offer programs to help those student tht are suffering from a mental illness.

  7. I think this article does a good job on bringing light to mental health issues, I agree that colleges should offer more programs to help those who are dealing with any type of mental illness.

  8. I honestly believe education in mental health for both the staff and students is needed. Allowing to freely share resources and giving options for those wanting to seek help would be super beneficial. Someone may not know where to look to find the help that would best benefit them. Removing the negative astigmatisms from those who share the fact that they are not mentally healthy and want to talk about it is important as well. They should be considered brave and strong (not weak, not lesser beings) because it’s not easy to step forward and admit we can’t deal with something on our own, especially when starting college and we’re supposed to be considered adults.

  9. I’m so glad ghat there are people talking about this where everyone can see. I, myself come from a family that struggles a lot with heavy mental issues and I’d never seen anyone so openly talk about this issue.

  10. Im happy that more an more people come to realize how important mental heath is. There are many people in our world that dont really see mental health as a world problem when in reality it is and we have to let them understand that by standing up and speak up for those with mental health issues.

  11. Im happy that more an more people come to realize how important mental heath is. There are many people in our world that dont really see mental health as a world problem when in reality it is and we have to let them understand that by standing up and speak up for those with mental health issues.

  12. I think it’s important people reach out to those who have gone through something similar. Especially with mental health. I enjoyed how you related your experiences and offered up hope to those who may be going through their own struggles. Light at the end of the tunnel.

  13. Everyone should be aware of signs and things to do in order to help someone else or yourself. Mental health is very important and the growth that is being displayed today is very pleasing. People are more aware and helpful. There’s not so much neglection going on towards mental health anymore. It’s healthy to seek help when you feel yourself falling into mental traps, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re never alone in this journey and you can make it, don’t give up!


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