By Mary Mone
Online Editor and Copy Editor

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We live in a world where people live in isolation, where love is clicked and bought, and where genuine connection is rare. Because of this, I’ve repeatedly asked myself the question, “How can I find people to make a true connection with?” Trying to find people who are genuine and have similar values as you can be challenging, but the truth is we’re not really strangers.
“We’re Not Really Strangers” is a card game I found while scrolling on Instagram two years ago. The whole point of the game is to get to know people you already know or think you know in a deeper way. According to the game’s website, “Koreen is a model and artist based in L.A. She created the WNRS card game with the intention of empowering meaningful connections with others. As a photojournalist her camera was a passport to people, allowing her to talk to anyone about anything.” The reality of their slogan and brand name hit me while I walked along the streets of New York City in 2019. The city is so big, loud and busy. You pass by thousands of random people on the street within an hour. Every single person you pass by has a different life, with different joys, pains, pasts and futures. According to Mental Health America’s website, “sometimes being surrounded by strangers or people you’re just not very close to can just make you feel more alone. All those people remind you of the connections you wish you had.” So, how can we as individuals stay afloat in the sea of people? The best advice I have is to look around you. Speak to the people sitting next to you in class, dare to care about your coworkers beyond what they can help you with, and attempt to understand why people believe what they believe. Doing these things will not only help you grow as an individual, but it also will help you branch out beyond the type of people you normally surround yourself with. The truth is, though we all have extremely different lives, we are not really that different. We aren’t that different because the same joy I feel, you feel, too, and the same anxiety you experience, I experience, too. This doesn’t mean we experience it because of the same specific situations, but rather we live in the same broken world. If we want to live in a world where there is more unification and understanding, let’s start by being intentional with the people we encounter in our daily lives.


  1. I love this article! I feel it’s very influential and something to be lee read learned. Like she said “ we aren’t that different” and that’s true people can relate to others more than they think. I think now a days people don’t like to step out their comfort zone and speak to others unless it’s kind of forced on them.

  2. This was a very interesting read! It left me thinking about how we form relationships in this modern society. I recently learned about the card game mentioned in this article though Tik Tok, and honestly I’m left even more curious about it now. I agree that at the end of the day everyone is similar in the aspect that we’re all humans just trying to figure out how to live. If we desire meaningful connections we must put in the effort to find and build them ourselves.

  3. I liked this article! I think that what it expresses is very true and like she mentioned said “we live in the same broken world.” I think that this article really puts on a the perspective of there not being much difference between each other, rather there being shared similarities. This also made me curious to the idea of the game it talks about. I believe that if we want something in life you must work for it and i think this idea could also apply to this article.

  4. I found this article to be very interesting, because I think that this person said is very true. I think that what this person mentioned of how we live in a broken world is very true because of advancements in technology which is not all bad, humans now interact more through the online world that the real world.

  5. This article was pleasurable to read. It has challenged other teenagers around my age and me to get out of our comfort zone, actually initiating interaction with people we aren’t familiar with or surrounding ourselves with. Furthermore, I loved the way she explained her reasoning for saying “we live in the same broken world.” implying that although we may feel similar emotions without the particular circumstances is because we live in a world that isn’t prominent on interacting or establishing a connection with people without social media making us feel more comfortable.

  6. This article blew my mind in just the first few sentences that explained your view point in today’s society. I agree that even though we all have different experience with life at the end of the day we are all still human. We all share at least that in common for a starter. I feel like when a broken world was stated in the article it was true but the thing is it’s mainly the people in our society that decide to use these new innovations as an excuse to their own doings.

  7. This article was very interesting. I agree that iit can be difficult to connect with people. I think this card game could be very helpful.

  8. As I get older the pickier I am with the people I get close to. I am a social butterfly and I like to talk to people even standing in the grocery line. I will start up a conversation with the person behind me. I know that it is just superficial but I hope that by being nice, I can change someone’s day. I don’t know if those people in line or anything about there life or there trial fears or happiness. I just hope that me being nice can change the world around me. My inner circle I wish that I knew more personally. This game would be a great way to become better friends, find out what makes them happy or sad. I know that we all feel joy and sadness, I know that by getting to know the people around me we could celebrate those things together. I hope that by playing this game we could connect on a different level of frienship.


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