Editorial: Gun Control?


It’s been more often than not, an incident including guns, occurred in the United States.

Time after time, who’s fault is it?

We can blame the authorities, we can blame the parents, we can blame the government, we can even blame ourselves, while in reality, we believe the answer is everyone.

Guns are evil, they’re used in wars to fight for our so called freedom. They’re use to hunt, to kill animals so we can serve them at our table, and the most tragic of them all, they’re use to kill people.

There’s countries that don’t allow citizens to not have guns, and there’s also countries that don’t have laws against guns. In the United States, you can buy a legal gun and obtain a permit to carry it, which in all eyes, does not seem like a bad idea, however, do the seller really look at the buyer? Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old shooter in the High School in Florida used a legal gun in his attack.

Mr. Cruz was depress and tagged as a danger to his classmates by the school, and he was expelled for disciplinary actions. These are all signs that the kid was not mentally sound to have possession of a gun.

And how does the government react? Oh wait, they didn’t. Our president is calling the deputies of that county disgusting and a disgrace. Yes, check on them, make the, stronger, but don’t do a verbal assault on them.

For parents, it’s terrifying the single fact that one day their kids may not come back from high school.

Incidents like this don’t happen every day. However, we are aware, it will probably happen again.


  1. In this article, it should have talked more in-depth about the school shooting and the writer’s option about them.

  2. Yes. We do need better gun laws. But in America it is a God given right to be able to own a gun, in america that will NEVER change. Do you eat meat? I hope you don’t if you think its a down side to have a gun to hunt. I wonder how free and amazing the USA would be if we didn’t have troopers fighting for our freedom. Probably blown up. You are a disgrace for commenting on that part of it.

  3. This article is very well written and also very true. Guns are evil, it drives people to want to have to use them. Gun control has gotten out of hand in the last couples of years and everyone plays a big part. By speaking up and not being afraid to stand or walk alone shows the courage that most people lack.

  4. You can’t blame everyone the one persons mistakes. Guns are bad if put in the wrong hands but you cant take guns completely away because after all guns were what gave this country its freedom.


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