Freshman year is very exciting. A few things I had to learn the hard way: you have to purchase your own Scantrons, pay extra attention to the parking lot signs, and not buy full-price textbooks. Oh, and watch out for the freshman 15. Disguised in cupcake wrappers, Coca-Cola cans and an inconsistent sleep schedule, the freshman 15 is among us.

In high school we never had to worry about this; however, as freshman year continues and life goes on, our metabolisms begin to lag. Therefore, if you want to continue rocking those Hollister skinny jeans you got in eighth grade, I suggest following the three D’s: diet, discipline, and dormancy.

Diet: Your body is like a vehicle; it needs fuel. Just like a car needs gas and a truck needs diesel, it’s important to fill our tanks with the proper fuel it takes to live a healthy life. Food is energy, and we need it three times a day. A healthy diet does not skip meals. With that being
said, it is vital to understand the nutritional value of what we are consuming.

Consider substituting chips for a granola bar, a side salad instead of french fries, and frozen yogurt versus ice cream. Break your Dr. Pepper addiction with a healthier caffeine option like coffee. Keep a stock of healthy snacks for yourself–that way when you need something to munch on between lunch and dinner, you will not feel guilty for eating a banana over a bag of Takis. A healthy diet is the first step to avoiding the freshman 15 and maintaining a fit physique.

Discipline: A consistent workout routine is just as important as a balanced meal plan. Luckily, TJC provides a state of the art work out facility that is free of charge and accessible to all students. The Ornelas Health & Physical Education Center is located on the east side of campus next to Wagstaff Gymnasium.

The OHPE includes several weight rooms with machines and free weights, along with a cardio-respiratory room filled with treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and rowers, as well as an indoor track that averages 10 laps to one mile. The OHPE also facilitates a swimming pool with specific times for recreational and lap swimming.

Apps like Nike Training Club and 8fit provide free workouts and training plans that can accommodate anyone.

Establishing a disciplined workout routine will help you dodge the freshman 15 and, most importantly, stay healthy.

Dormancy: Sleep is the backbone to being healthy. According to the University of Georgia, “Sleep is important for a number of reasons. It restores our energy, fights off illness and fatigue by strengthening our immune system, helps us think more clearly and creatively, strengthens memory and produces a more positive mood and better performance throughout the day.” Sleep is the freshman 15’s biggest enemy. Without sleep, both a healthy diet and discipline are pointless. Doctors recommend getting an average of eight hours of rest a night. Whether that means studying late and sleeping in, or going to bed early and studying in the morning, getting some shut-eye is vital to your well being.

With that being said, rest is best and combined with a balanced diet and fitness discipline. The freshman 15 will not stand a chance.


  1. I think this is a very interesting article to read. It is very important to know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after high school. Life can become really busy trying to balance your classes and some students even have jobs they have to do as well. This article is super helpful for students that want to maintain that healthy lifestyle and also be successful in the classroom.

  2. I liked your main points on how to prevent the Freshman 15. However, I would like to know what the Freshman 15 is as you never gave a definition as to what it was.

  3. Amen, person! These are commonsense suggestions that we should all keep in mind throughout our collegiate careers. BEWARE, lest the Freshman 15 turns into the sophomore 70.

  4. This article is very helpful to those looking to avoid the “freshman fifteen”. It could be a scary thought at first especially as an incoming freshman, but once you’ve understand how to manage your time and diet well, it not as crucial as it seems. Great article.

  5. This type of information is really important for college students! I appreciate the well thought out, easy to follow practical tips on how to make healthier choices and keep yourself functioning at a higher level. It can be really hard to keep diet, discipline, and dormancy in your life when so much is new and challenging, like college. I hope students are able to read this and benefit from it.

  6. This article is very useful to inform college students about the results of stress from college. Using the strategies listed in the article, this can prevent Freshman 15, especially for incoming college students. Because of financial, academic, and personal problems in college, anyone can gain about 15 pounds in their first year in college. College is already a challenge for many people starting from the start of the semester. I hope many people will see this article, learn to prevent it, and help them survive a good college life.


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