The longest government shutdown in history


Sydni Cunningham

Social Media Editor

In December 2018, the government entered the longest shutdown in history. The shutdown was over President Trump’s demand for funding for a border wall be added to a spending bill. When the then GOP-controlled House refused, it started a chain effect. As a result, President Trump decided to put the government into a partial shutdown. When the 35-day shutdown was finally over, President Trump tried to come out of the situation acting as if he didn’t cause serious damage to the country.

I personally feel that the government shutdown showcases how out of touch President Trump is with the American people. Over the course of the shutdown, President Trump tried to make it seem that majority of the country wanted to waste 5 billion dollars on border wall. He apologized to federal workers about their situation, but his apologies meant nothing to the almost 800,000 workers that were forced to suffer because of his incompetence. Over and over, the president made the claim that the federal workers were in support of his stance. This shutdown really showed the country that President Trump lives in an alternate reality bubble, as he is unwilling to see the horrible effects of his policies.

Although the shutdown is over now, its effect still has lasting consequences for the country. The US economy lost more than 11 billion dollars during the shutdown. It is terrible that all this chaos was a result of one man’s attempt to follow through on a promise that was impossible to keep from the moment the statement left his lips. If the president was so concerned about building a border wall, why wasn’t the issue brought up at the beginning of his presidency? The president had two whole years to try to get funding for a border wall. Instead, he decided to focus on unnecessary tax cuts and taking children away from their families.

I feel that the only reason President Trump even cared about the border wall was to use it as a tactic for a re-election campaign. It was supposed to show proof to his base supporters that he could follow through on his over the top promises. Luckily, all this shutdown did for President Trump was lower his approval numbers and further damage his image in the country.

In conclusion, the country should never get to the point where one man can cause so much chaos because he wants to look good. People like President Trump need to be held accountable for their crazy policies. We need to stop blowing President Trump off as a funny man. It is not funny that 800,000 workers had suffer because of the president didn’t get money for an unless border wall. It is not funny that almost 13,000 migrant children are being held in dentation centers because the president wants to punish people for wanting a better life. We, Americans, need to stop turning an blind eye to the problems that are threatening the very core foundation of our government.

It is not funny, and it never will be.


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