A hush fell over the crowd as the lights dimmed in the auditorium. Spotlights searched the stage as Apache Belles emerged from the entrance doors and danced their way down the aisle. The crowd cheered as the Belles danced to an upbeat song. They were dressed in a white tuxedo leotard with red gloves. Their smiles dazzled as they danced in sync with white feather fans. This year’s theme was “Let’s Go to the Movies.” Each dance was dedicated to a Hollywood movie. Movies such as “Kill Bill,” “Dead Poets Society,” “The Lion King” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” were portrayed as a dances. The Apache Belle Spring Show attracts audience members of all demographics. “The whole show I kept thinking, ‘I want to be them,’” said TJC sophomore Briana Molina. Apache Belle alumni, aspiring dancers and community members show their support. “Personally, for me, Spring Show is my favorite thing, drill-team-wise. I’ve been really excited to be able to have the opportunity to put on such a big show like this and have so many people come out,” said Freshmen Apache Belle Kyara Williams. Producing such a grand show is not easy, but the Apache Belles make it look easy. “It is a pretty long process. So, we learn all of our routines and then we begin cleaning, where we make sure everyone is doing the same movements and has the timing right, but also has the personality and composure to get through the routine,” said Head dance captain Bailey Feder. “It’s very detail-oriented, like most of our stuff is, but it’s still really fun … Spring Show is my favorite.” There were special performers, such as Jaylon Crump and D’Kameron Edmunsen. Crump was featured in three numbers, including “Dancing in the Rain.” He danced tango with Baliey Feder and sang “Don’t Rain on my Parade” from the classic musical “Funny Girl.” Edmusen recited Robin William’s famous monologue from “Dead Poets Society.” Jasilyn Schaefer, Apache Belles director, and Christy Evans, Artistic Director, danced in multiple skits related to movies. The spring show is the last performance for the year and the last performance for sophomore Belles. “You get to Spring Show season, and it’s where you get to really perform and be really energetic and kind of be your own personal self on stage. It’s a little less precision and little more personality, which I think is so fun,” said Feder.



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