Churches are closing, I’m out of a job


According to, across the world churches, synagogues and mosques have been closing during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

When you hear churches are closing around us and even in our community what do you think? I believe they are doing these things to prevent the spread of the virus and keep their congregation safe. People need to realize this virus hurts our elderly and the ones who have several health problems and may not have a strong immune system.

Churches closing for weeks to see the outcome of the coronavirus affects those who have jobs in the church. I work at Marvin United Methodist Church’s children nursery, and the church’s closing has affected my job there.

Getting a text saying the church will close this month and is monitoring the situation made me feel so many different emotions. My heart shattered at not being able to see my kids I work with. I am worried about not having money and what the government will do to those like me who can’t work. It’s going to be hard not getting paid, but I know God has a plan. We need to work on patience in this time and not worry when we hear what’s happening.

Despite the closings of our churches, I feel this is the time to get closer to God and pray for our country. Churches are offering livestreams of their services online for the members and anyone who wants to watch it.

Instead of worrying about not getting paid or working, we need to ask God for guidance and know he will provide for us. I know the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is doing what they can to keep us updated and has ways to prevent spreading the virus. Praying will help give us a sense of relief with everything going in our country and world. We now have a reason to connect with people and how they’re dealing with this. We need to share positive ideas on what to do at home during this time.

To stay informed on the virus, follow your local news or check the CDC and the World Health Organization. Be safe out there and check on loved ones who are at a high risk of getting the COVID-19.

Like the High School Musical song “We’re all in this together.”


  1. I know how you feel. I lost my job because of the schools’ closure, but the lord has been providing different ways for me to make money. I am so thankful for the government’s seriousness toward the situation. If we aren’t careful, this pandemic could last a long time. If losing my job will help the Corona Virus to go away quicker, then I’m all in.


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