Opinion: The importance of respect


Anna Graves, Online Editor

Opinions! Opinions! Opinions! Everybody has them! Have you noticed that wanting our opinions known and often forced upon people has caused us to take sides? Because of opinions on politics, gun control, religion, and other issues or topics, we have separated ourselves from others.

It’s easy to say someone is wrong, not morally or ethically correct, whatever the issue may be. What’s harder to do? Respect.
What if instead of forcing our opinions on people and challenging them to debate, we start taking the time to understand why a person believes what they believe.
I think that if we begin to respect other people’s opinions, instead of slandering their character, we wouldn’t have as many enemies. And hopefully, we wouldn’t get offended so easily.

Respecting people’s opinions or beliefs doesn’t mean you have to agree with it one hundred percent. It just means you accept that their beliefs are different.
Why don’t we try keeping our words to ourselves sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion. Not one bit. But no one deserves judgement from another person. We are not the ultimate judge.

Next time a conversation is brought up that has two sides to it, try to make the conversation about why you, or the people around you, believe what they believe. So that others can understand your opinions and not judge you for them, and vice versa.
Doesn’t that seem like a conversation you’d rather be a part of than having to argue with someone that they’re wrong or why you are right? That’s exhausting, and frankly causes tension and anger.

Respect is taking people for who they are and treating others with the same care that you give to yourself or someone you love.
If we have more respect, we’ll have more joy.


  1. I definitely agree with Anna Graves and I believe that many people don’t understand this concept. I believe that people should respect other peoples opinion even if we don’t agree with them. If that person’s opinion is not hurting anyone or their way of living then I think we should mind our own business.

  2. I will have to agree with Anna. I do believe the would would be a better place if we could except everyone for who they are.

  3. Unfortunately, I love debate. I find myself doing it more than I’d like. But listening and trying to understand someone from there point of view is important. I do feel that it would be hard to respect all opinions as they could go against ones moral code. But yes, learning to listen the right way is key. And also agree that no one wants opinions forced upon them. Myself, I always put up walls when that starts to happen.

  4. I completely agree with this article. Even if I don’t agree with someone’s opinion on a topic, I dont start disrespecting them just because I don’t agree. I just wish there were more people that felt this way also.

  5. I think this is a excellent article as well as it’s always good to be respectful to other and I feel as if more people should agree as well

  6. Some people believe that cutting up children’s genitals because in their uneducated ‘opinion’. Is that an opinion or an attack on a child’s normal natural body with a knife because in your ‘opinion’ it’s ewwwy.


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