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Every organization on campus is having to adapt to a new way of interacting this semester, and Overflow is no exception. Overflow is a college ministry organization that is a combination of two churches, Friendly Baptist Church and Central Tyler, who hold a college worship service at 7 p.m. every Tuesday at Tyler Junior College and the University of Texas at Tyler. 

In regards to TJC’s COVID-19 procedures, Overflow worship services will happen mostly on UT Tyler’s campus in the University Center Theater. Steve Lyles, the executive pastor at Friendly Baptist Church and leader of Overflow, said “we’re excited to provide this opportunity for students to connect with God, fellowship with fellow believers in Christ, and celebrate what it means to be a part of the family of God.” 

Students gather for worship service at the UT Tyler University Center. Two future services will be held at TJC’s football field on Sept. 29 and Nov. 10. 

In compliance with UT Tyler’s COVID-19 precautionary procedures, all students and visitors are required to wear a face mask to all on-campus events. 

In addition to Tuesday night worship services, Overflow meets for small group Bible study at 9 a.m. every Sunday at Friendly Baptist Church and at 6 p.m. where they have a short devotional, dinner and games. 

More Overflow events this semester include a swim fellowship on Sunday, Sept.13, and Mud Bowl on Oct. 17. 

Andrew Arrazate, the college director at Friendly Baptist Church, leader and tech director of Overflow, believes “God is going to move in a big way this semester.” Arrazate added he is eager to see “how lives are changed by our Heavenly Father.” 

For more information concerning upcoming events, contact Arrazate at 


  1. I’m glad to hear Overflow is bringing opportunities to people who want to pray to god and hope for a better future. I’m also happy to know mask policies are still ruled in, I want people to be safe out there.

  2. This article was very uplifting to read that in dark times such as these, people and community’s are still finding ways to continue worshipping the lord while staying safe and follow Covid protocol. Because God did not give us a heart of fear but of courage and compassion, so nothing should ever stand in the way of our worship of him.

  3. during this hard time, its so lightning to see young people come together and work for the lord while following safety guidelines.

  4. It’s great people want to come together and continue to worship while following proper procedures. Moving future services to the TJC football field will allow even more people to worship and to social distance.

  5. I’m glad to hear that the Overflow ministry is continuing worship throughout the pandemic. In these hard times, your beliefs are an important source of hope.

  6. The pandemic has definitely made things like this hard to put on and do successfully, but it is really encouraging to see that even through all of these crazy times in the world, that Overflow is doing what they can to bring worship to the students

  7. It is so great to see that there is still an opportunity for believers to gather together regardless of how much COVID has affected everything. It is such an amazing group of people as well. I know I look forward to worshiping with everyone this Tuesday evening!

  8. This sounds awesome! I am so glad overflow is bring church and worship to young people! We need God more than ever in this time! Good work!

  9. I am super excited that these two organizations are coming together for young adults to participate and learn about God. We all are going to get through this pandemic together and we have to believe in God that he will protect us no matter what even through this pandemic and time of uncertainty.

  10. Got to say, it’s nice to have people together doing something positive. With how Covid has impacted us all, I’m glad we haven’t lost hope yet.


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