Despite COVID-19, Phi Theta Kappa serves the community through academic fellowship and programs. 

Uniting a community of students who wish to achieve academic excellence is the heart of Phi Theta Kappa, according to Gigi Delk, PTK adviser. 

“Often, I see people who are trying to be on their own,” Delk said. “If all you do is study, you are going to become overwhelmed.” 

TJC’s Alpha Omicron Chapter is sixth in the U.S. for its success and excellence among students, according to PTK’s official website. Delk explained how PTK is not a sorority; instead, it is an honors society that establishes a sense of service, scholarship, leadership and fellowship.

Meetings are held at 5:10 p.m. every Monday in the Pirtle Technology Building unless specified elsewhere. Currently, events are in person with social distance procedures in place. 

“By having Phi Theta Kappa meetings, at least sort of face-to-face, we at least have a chance to meet other people interested in maintaining academic excellence,” Delk said. Furthermore, Delk believes students need face-to-face interaction to grow and develop communication skills. 

With COVID-19, PTK has faced limitations. Several in-person events, conferences and retreats have been canceled to keep students and advisers safe from COVID-19.

PTK continues to offer its online, self-paced courses that provide resources for professional development. One of these programs, Competitive Edge, provides students with the tools to be a self-advocate, communication skills and to create a strong network. 

Another program, Transfer Edge, teaches future transfer students how to apply for aid, submit strong applications and to find the perfect school. Additionally, Employment Edge guides students through creating a resume, internships and career opportunities. 

Lastly, Research Edge navigates students through how to find credible sources, analyze information and turn ideas into grounded research. All programs are free to PTK members and officers.

Conferences, such as the Texas Leadership Conference, will be held online through video communications.

Students will be able to listen to professional speakers and engage in group activities. Additionally, activities, prizes and scholarships will be presented throughout the conference. 

PTK continues to help students through a series of programs and events. The programs are free for members and consist of conferences discussing leadership skills, scholarships, resume building and employment skills. 

PTK offers up to $1.3 million annually in scholarships for members. To join, a minimum GPA of 3.5 is necessary, and a one-time membership fee is required. Students GPAs must be 3.0, or higher, to preserve membership. In addition, nonmembers can attend meetings, although they cannot receive membership benefits. 

PTK participates in numerous community service activities. Delk explained PTK takes “the lead in providing opportunities for service, fellowship, and enrichment with other people.” Delk emphasized the need for community service in students. Moreover, many employers look at not only students’ education and past jobs, but also community service. 

“By yourself, there is only so much you can do. Working together, you can literally change the world,” Delk said. 

PTK continues to provide resources to its members and the TJC community. Those interested in joining PTK, should email Delk at


  1. This is amazing. As we see even through this strange time we can still help each other and be there for each other. Salute to all of you.


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