On Wednesday, Jan. 15, Tyler Junior College welcomed the members of its newest sports organization, The Apache Softball Team. The ceremony was held at Wagstaff Gymnasium with more than 50 of the team member’s family and friends on hand. ┬áThe team will be competing at the NJCAA Division I Level and within the NJCAA Region XIV Athletic Conference beginning this fall.

Below is the official press release front the TJC Athletics Department.




  1. Congratulations to all the ladies involved in this softball team. My husband and I both love baseball and softball, and play our own versions of the sport during the holidays with family and friends. Both of us agree that if we were more physically fit and natural athletes, baseball and softball would of been our sport of choice in school. I look forward to the games and will be supporting the Apache team in every victory or defeat. Go Apaches!

  2. With so much softball talent in East Texas, I’m glad to see another local school starting a team and giving opportunities to these young ladies!


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