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TJC Tutoring Center open with new COVID-19 guidelines

 Photos by Emily Niebuhr

Tyler Junior College’s tutoring services is open with new COVID-19 procedures.

According to Danna Baggett, director of the Tutoring Services, COVID-19 procedures are in place at the TJC tutoring center such as physical distancing. 

“They do have tables set up with plexiglass in between the student and tutor,” Baggett said. “Also, they require the tutors to clean the tables and chairs they just used.” 

Additionally, drop-in tutoring procedures have changed. Instead, of dropping in in person an appointment is now required. 

“In fact, we must limit the number of people that are in the center,” Baggett said. “All our drop-in math and science tutoring will be done virtually through Zoom.”

From left to right: Ethan Powell, a TJC student, works with tutor Sydney Kaai alongside Danna Baggett, director of Tutoring Services. The tutoring center is open under new COVID-19 guidelines. 

Tutoring services are free for the students, and the tutoring center is in the library on the second floor.

“We offer in person and online tutoring, so whichever works best for their schedule and whatever they feel most comfortable with we have both those options available,” Baggett said.

According to the TJC website, “the Apache Tutoring Center offers content clarification tutoring in a variety of subjects for appointments and drop-in, writing assistant for any essay or paper for any class, and learning support in reading comprehension and study skills. 

Students can get tutored in more than one subject.

Students needing a tutor can call the center at (903) 510-2577, or visit the center located on the second floor of the library. Baggett said those visiting in person need to be “six feet away from the front desk or whoever is scheduling their appointment.” 

Online tutoring also is available through Zoom. For this service, students need a computer compatible with Zoom. The tutor or proctor can observe and talk with students about their assignments.

Baggett said a webcam is not required, but “it is nice so the student can see the other person.”

She added having a headset is important so the student and tutor can talk. 

Interactive workshops lead by Nicole Hicks, a writing support specialist, and Tiffany Thompson, a learning support specialist, are available to students. 

“They offer writing and study skills and reading workshops with all different times throughout the week all semester long with all different kinds of subjects,” Baggett said. “In those workshops, they do activities, things and exercises to really solidify what they are learning in the workshop.” 

For more information about the workshops or tutoring services, visit

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  • I’m actually glad to see that they are willing to do tutoring over Zoom meetings, that makes it much safer and easier for students

  • I’m glad that they are doing tutoring over zoom because the more contact there is between people the longer it’ll take for this pandemic to decrease or even go away. I really liked reading that the student is not forced to have their webcam on because some teachers require it without knowing that it makes the student anxious.

  • im so glad that they are working together to make sure we are safe and providing us with the face to face tutoring we need. now don’t get me wrong, zoom is great but some people are hands on and unperson learners.

  • I’m so happy that you guys are working together to make sure that we are safe because this pandemic is so bad and we need everyone to help us with our safety. Also I like how your still offering tutoring online because that shows you still want us to be successful in college by doing tutoring on zoom.

    • With everything happening with the pandemic right now, it’s good to see colleges making efforts to keep the students and professors safe while using more convenient ways for students to take care of there business.

  • i just appreciate the school taking this serious because of some school do not care and TJC care. I just hope this is over with before the end of the year. So we can try to go back normal and go to class, to be honest not a big fan of the online its not the same and feel like im really not learning.

  • With everything going on with the pandemic right now, It’s a good thing to see colleges taking measures to make sure people are safe while making sure that students take care of their business with more convenient ways.

  • I’m glad to see that they are helping even in the midst of COVID and follow the proper regulations and that they also offer tutoring over zoom.

  • I work in the tutoring center and it’s nice to see the precautions actually being implemented.

  • Great that we’re getting articles to help us know what to expect!

  • I am so glad that tutoring services are still available while also protecting students. I did not know what to expect, so I am glad you are sharing information like this.

  • Although you now have to set an appointment with plexiglass seperating you, it’s good to hear that the students can still receive tutoring!

  • I love how instead of shutting it all down they find ways to work around it

  • It’s good to hear that they’re still able to do tutoring for students during what’s happening, even if it’s through Zoom or opposite sides of glass.

  • It’s so nice to see the tutoring department working so hard to make sure students get the help we need. Especially through the pandemic.

  • I’m glad that tutoring services are taking covid into account while trying to help us learn and get the help we need. I feel like its important to make sure everyone is safe while learning.

  • I’m am happy to hear they are still offering tutoring services while making it safe for the student and tutor! This is wonderful and the fact that they are also incorporating zoom meetings is great to!

  • I’m glad that the tutoring center will still be open during these unprecedented times because the tutoring center is a huge help. The implemented procedures are making sure both the tutor and student are safe. My friend is a tutor and loves helping others even especially at a time like this

  • It’s good to see the Tutoring Center open in these uncertain times. Many people are struggling, since they have to adapt to a new scenario. So it is quite helpful to have the Tutoring Center open with COVID-19 Restrictions in place.

  • Glad to see they found a nice workaround to help students instead of just shutting it down. It helps a lot and it means a lot.

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