By Marshall Cearfoss

News Editor

Cafeteria facts concept 1

Every student who lives on campus is required to buy a meal plan and with the population growing more people are eating in Apache Junction.

Over one thousand students live on campus with the majority eating at the Apache Junction at least once a day. These meals add up to some astonishing totals of the amount of food used in the cafeteria.

On an average day breakfast costs in the cafeteria $622, lunch costs $731 and dinner is $785. That totals to about $2,138 worth of food each day, around $15,000 of food every week, and $240,000 each semester.

Each lunch hour, about 40 pounds of fries, 28 pounds of vegetables, and a immense 130 pounds of the main course are served.

The total weight of how much cafeteria food is consumed each day rings up to 614 pounds. Students digest 4,300 pounds every week, and 35 tons each semester.


  1. I’ve never eaten in the TJC cafeteria just because I don’t live on campus, but i’ve heard pretty good things about it. I had no idea that this much food was being produced. That is a lot of food, and money as well.

  2. Some one must have miscalculated the weight in fries. I see people everyday walking around the cafeteria with seconds, even thirds of plates topped with fries.however, I alone consume 40 lbs. of fries each sitting so someone must have forgot to carry the 1.

  3. Although I haven’t personally eaten at the TJC cafeteria, I have eaten food from a cafeteria from a previous college. The amount of food estimated to be consumed by students seems very accurate. I’m not surprised that the amounts of healthy foods aren’t listed in these estimations, since it’s very unlikely to expect such results if fries and other tempting foods are always available, pleasing the majority of students.

  4. Where was this article going? What was the point? I get that the article is saying there is a lot of food being eaten, but what’s the focus of the article? Is the college not being profitable? Is there not enough food being prepared?


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