Update 10/21/2013: MyTJCNews.com has obtained the following video from CBS19 and the Tyler Junior College Police Department. The middle of the video cuts to surveillance footage from a camera mounted on the Pirtle Technology Center.

An altercation took place in front of the Pirtle Technology Building. The quarrel began when a religious picketer accused a student of stealing his camcorder. The two engaged in a shoving match before they were pulled apart.

As the student was being talked down, the picketer grabbed his tripod and began shoving his way back into the crowd. Multiple students allege that they were hit with the stand. Multiple students immediately called Campus Police.

The student then tried to remove himself from the situation, but was followed up to his vehicle in the S-7 parking lot near Wesley House. Witnesses said that the suspect followed him to his vehicle and began shoving the student and attempting to hit others with his tripod.


The student, unable to get his backpack and jacket into his vehicle, then pulled a gun and said, “Do you want to keep messing with me … ?” according to eye-witness, Zach Pichette. Pichette is a staff writer for the Apache Pow Wow and was a witness to the events.


At this point, the alleged aggressor backed down and proceeded to the campus police substation. As the picketer waited in the substation, he became irate and called city of Tyler police. Due to this, city police will now take over the investigation according to the responding campus officer.


More details will follow as this story develops.


Update: MyTJCnews has exclusive pictures from the event.




Check the page for even more pictures as the story develops.


  1. The TJC Police Department has video footage of the altercation which clearly show that I never laid a finger on anyone. I never pushed or shoved anyone. You should be fired as a journalist. You are biased in your reporting because you were one of my hecklers.

    • looks like video footage wasn’t that clear … only clear enough to see you chasing the student … looks like your the one whos screwed here

  2. Jesse,

    You, sir, are a hateful little man whose primary focus is NOT to preach the true word of God, but rather to spew venom and hate. You are pushing more people away from wanting to know about Jesus Christ than you realize. I pity you, and I pray that you change your ways soon.

      • Seriously? Pot, meet kettle. I’m not the one who’s standing on street corners calling people whores. Last I checked Jesus never did that, either. You seriously need to rethink your strategy, Jesse and become a little more Christ-like and a little less like a Pharisee. Preach God’s love first, and preach it in a loving manner, not with judgmental signs and smug facial expressions. I think you’ll find more success in catching flies with honey than vinegar, if you even really care about the people you’re trying to “minister” to, that is, but something tells me you don’t.

        • Yes you are very judgmental towards me.

          And whore is a biblical word. And I didn’t call any individual a whore. I simply said that there is a lot of whorish behavior on university and college campuses now a days.

          • Whore IS a biblical word, but it is not appropriate to stand and scream “Stop being whores,”. You do the cause for Christ NO good that way. In fact, it makes me want to weep when I think of the harm you’ve done for people who WANT to come to Christ, see you and think “No way I want to serve a God who’s represented by a man like that.” I share God’s love by clothing and feeding the poor and sharing my relationship with Jesus Christ with them. When people ask me why I’m so happy, I get to share the source of my joy. There is nothing joyful in any of your YouTube videos I’ve seen. Nothing. Why anyone would want to place their souls in Jesus’s hands after watching you, I’ll never know. My best guess is you’re stuck in that legalistic, self-righteous phase of Christianity I was stuck in in college. Made me a lot of enemies until I realized that I was that way because it was easier for me to point out others’ sin instead of searching my own heart for inadequecies. You are full of pride and are not perfect by any means.

            Don’t even bother responding….I won’t be back to check for hoe response ad something tells me you think you’re above reproach by anyone.

  3. 5 That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment?
    6 Though his excellency mount up to the heavens, and his head reach unto the clouds;
    7 Yet he shall perish for ever like his own dung: they which have seen him shall say, Where is he? Job 20
    This is the worst journalism that I have seen.

  4. It is really unbelievable how many inaccuracies are found in this article. I was not the aggressor. I was the victim who was attacked twice by this guy and also by other students who were shoving me around. And I was not a “picketer.” I never had a sign the whole day! Show the proof that I was even a picketer! Where’s the pictures? Just bad journalism…

  5. Here the students are found to be bold face liars:

    “As the student was being talked down, the picketer grabbed his tripod and began shoving his way back into the crowd. Multiple students allege that they were hit with the stand. Multiple students immediately called campus police.”

    Notice that they said I picked up my tripod and went into the crowd, at which time students were hit by my tripod! HAHA. I actually put DOWN my tripod after he pushed me and went into the crowd WITHOUT a tripod. Just look at YOUR OWN pictures of me in the crowd, raising both of my hands in frustration at the students pushing me around. NO TRIPOD! I didn’t pick the tripod up again, from the location where he first assaulted me, until I followed him up the street asking him where my camera was. So the testimonies of me assaulting people with a tripod are shown to be fabricated! Do some professional journalism!

    Psalm 5:4 For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness,
    Nor shall evil dwell with You. 5 The boastful shall not stand in Your sight;
    You hate all workers of iniquity.6 You shall destroy those who speak falsehood; The Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man.

  7. “The two engaged in a shoving match before they were pulled apart.”

    Actually, I never shoved him back. He shoved me and then a student pulled him away which your own pictures show. He was obviously the aggressor because he was the one pulled away, not me.

    • The video that MyTJCNews just uploaded shows that their own article is false:

      “As the student was being talked down, the picketer grabbed his tripod and began shoving his way back into the crowd. Multiple students allege that they were hit with the stand. Multiple students immediately called Campus Police.”

      That is not what the video shows!

  8. IDK, I clearly see you pursuing the student to his vehicle at a dead run after the student was leaving the altercation which would make you the aggressor. Also, a closed fist suggests harm is intended to be created, while an open handed shove suggests that you have created a discomfort within the individual doing the shoving and said individual is trying to creat space in fear for their safety. once they try to leave the situation and you pursue them, they then have the right to defend themselves with whatever force they deem necessary to maintain their own personal safety and wellbeing. But I know you would realize that this is true Jesse so their may have been no need to make this statement, unless you were a radical individual who removes all logic from a situation when tied to your skewed beliefs

  9. In the video, notice the woman in the blue shirt who got in front of me to protect me, saying, “I don’t even know who he is but leave him alone!” It was obvious to her that I was being assaulted.

  10. Dude, like I said before, the chick in blye was talking to YOU. Not him. And this video starts out with you rushing at the guy in a very threatening manner. It also shows you running after the guy as he was trying to get away from you. You’ve got to prove this guy stole your camera, otherwise you are the protagonist.

  11. I was at this gathering of idiots, it was more of a we believe vs they believe. Then it turned more personal after some words were said to one another. So the situation got all out of hand when someone pride got hurt, however if the man would have kept his thoughts to himself things would have been different.


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