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And all that jazz

TJC’s jazz ensembles are preparing for a two-day jazz festival featuring world-renowned jazz trumpet player, Terell Stafford.

“We are bringing in a world class artist,” said TJC Professor of Woodwinds Dr. Steven Meier. “It doesn’t get any better than Terell Stafford.”

The festival is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, March 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m. in Jean Brown Theater. The jazz ensembles will perform a free concert featuring Stafford both days, open to the public.


The concert will include performances from both of TJC’s jazz ensembles, with Dr. Meier directing Jazz Ensemble 1, and Professor Micah Bell directing Jazz Ensemble 2. Both ensembles will perform alongside Stafford. The music line-up will also include improvisational performances from Jazz Ensemble 1.

Stafford is a New Yorker who performs globally. He is an award-winning trumpet player with a Grammy Award and several Grammy nominations, several television appearances and many other accomplishments.

“Stafford is bringing New York sensibilities and his amazing skill set to Tyler to share his abilities and knowledge with the city and the students of TJC,” said Dr. Meier.
Stafford will also be at TJC throughout both days in Jean Brown Theater working with high school and middle school bands from around the state. This will also be open to the public.

There are about 40 TJC students involved in putting on this concert. They are working to perfect the pieces for the concert and are excited to have the chance to learn from and perform with such a big name in jazz as Stafford.


“This is a special event for those 40 students, because they get to work with an internationally renowned jazz artist,” said Heather Mensch, professor of Jazz Studies. “They are going to hear everything that has been the foundation for the Pop music that they listen to now. It’s definitely not a show to be missed.”

Mensch said that people attending the concert will hear almost every style of music. The concert will give them a chance to understand the origins of rap, R&B and other modern musical styles.

“It’s definitely worth the experience to come,” said TJC sophomore Hayden Gable, a trombone player in the jazz ensemble. “Jazz has a lot of character and charisma.”

The music department is encouraging students to attend the jazz festival, because it will be a unique experience.

“It’s going to be a wonderful two nights,” Meier said. “I hope that a lot of the students come out and support us. We want to encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie among the students on campus.”


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