Apache Belles dance into Spring Show performance

apache belles during practice

The Spring Show is a tradition for the Tyler Junior College Apache Belles that started in 1984. This year’s Spring Show will start at 7:30 p.m. on March 24-27 at the Rogers Palmer Performing Arts Center. Students with a valid TJC ID get into the show for free. Students will have to show proof at the door or at the box office.

“The Spring Show is a celebration and performance for this team. We perform all of our dances, and we honor our sophomores as most of them are moving to other dance teams and others are ending their dancing career here,” Ashley Jeffery, sophomore Apache Belle, said.

From beginning to end, so much preparation goes into making the Spring Show.

“It takes about a year from conceptualizing and brainstorming to lining up choreography; everyone has to learn their routines,” Jaslin Schaefer, the director of the Apache Belles, said.

In the show, there are 18 to 20 routines with small gaps in between for costume changes. The women who were just on stage come off to change and a different group goes on for the next dance. They are trying to make sure that the show flows well, while still giving space for various costumes throughout the night.

The week before the Spring Show the Apache Belles have tech week. During tech week, the Belles start getting lights set up and making sure the lighting with each dance is correct. They’re also adding in last details for their dances and getting their props set up. 

The types of dances guests will see during the Spring Show are hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, tap, spoken word, musical theater, stylized jazz and high kicks.

Spring Show is a way for the Belles to show off their skills and talents, and it’s a way for the families to come and watch.

“It’s a chance to invite the community in to see the talent of our Tyler Junior College Apache Belles,” Schaefer said. “We get to showcase some of the lesser-known talents.” 

For the Belles, this is the one event put on simply for them to perform.

“I feel like the Spring Show, at least in my eyes, it is solely just for us, and for us to showcase what we’ve done all year,” Sydney Stone, freshman Apache Belle, said.

The show also offers a chance for the Apache Belles to show off their talents and dancing.

“During Spring Show, we all get to show our true abilities in dance, technique and in all different genres of dancing and that’s how we all get to show our own personality during that time,” Cydney Cassidy, sophomore captain of the Apache Belles, said.

Photo by Alexa Glenn