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Apache Jewlyz: dance team is a family affair




TJC’s Apache Jewlyz has become a family affair. Recently two students who, just so happen to be sisters, have joined the dance team.

The dancing duet consists of the two siblings Terniqua Woodard and Terlisa Woodard. The sisters have been dancing together for five years starting with the Pop Warner dance team “The Eagles.” They continued dancing together through out high school and now college. To Terniqua and Terlisa, dedication, perseverance, and love, are three words that are common place.

Terniqua, the older of the two, decided to try out when she saw the posters hanging in the TJC cafeteria.

“I wanted to get back to dancing and performing again. I loved what they had going on. They define to have all different shapes and sizes dance no matter what,” said Terniqua, sophomore and dance major.

“We do not discriminate on body image or anything. If you are a great dancer then you have a spot,” said Breon Willis founder of The Apache Jewlyz.

Tryouts were held Monday Sept. 12, and the girls found out the same day whether they made it or not.

“I had a way better turn out than last year. Last year was pretty good, but this year, it was amazing. I had a whole bunch of talent this year and it was hard to make decisions,” said Breon Willis.

Many of the members on the dance team did not know that they would be dancing along side a pair of close relatives.

Mary Crawford, sophomore and team mother of The Apache Jewlyz, said, “we didn’t know they were sisters until after they made the team.”

 “I was happy because I was like the fourth person they had called, and I was waiting on her number to get called. I didn’t know if it would get called or not but I was very happy,” said Terniqua.

The sisters try not to seem very competitive; they are more concerned with pushing each other to do their best.

 “I’m a better dancer than her but I always push her to dance better. I always push her in anything she does,” said Terniqua.

“We don’t really compete against each other that much. It’s a little there but then you know…I’m better,” said Terlisa Woodard Education and Child Psychology major.

Sibling rivalry is common in most households when it comes to family members who enjoy and participate in the same activities. For these girls, there is no such thing as a competition. The girls rehearse together every chance they get, so when practice time comes, they are more prepared for what is ahead of them.

“Its cool because we’re sisters. I get on her nerves sometimes. I’m always like do this or do that,” said Terniqua.

It is often thought that sisters like Terniqua and Terlisa might become mad at one another if one made the team over the other. In this family, however, neither of the girls feels inferior to the other.

“I would still be happy because I told her before the tryouts if anyone of us didn’t make it I would still be happy regardless,” said Terniqua.

Creator and dance member Breon Willis said this about the two girls.

“Terniqua was a great dancer and showed a lot of enthusiasm. Actually she has a nick name already, “Mini Me” because she dances just like me,” said Willis.

He was also quite fond of the younger sister Terlisa.

“This girl can really move. She has a strong passion for dance, and I love that about her…the girl can dance” said Willis.

Some up and coming events for the Apache Jewlyz will be the Wrap It Up Awards in downtown Longview, where they will be performing twice.

Also the Jewlyz will be dancing at basketball games through out the whole season. They will participate in the MDA Muscle Walk held spring semester where they will dance as well as march.

“The Apache Jewlyz are coming, yes we are; this year we will make our mark,” said Wil­lis.

For more information on the sisters and the Apache Jewlyz you may contact Tamika Mc­Cullough TSI Coordinator and Sponsor and Coach for Apache Jewlyz. E-mail her tmcc@tjc.edu or call her office at 903-510-2634.


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