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Art students share the wealth during auction


     Students majoring in art are hoping one day to have their art displayed in an exhibition or a private collection. The hopes of their pieces being sold are even more inviting. But on this occasion, they put the money somewhere other than their pocket.

     The TJC art club holds a silent auction in the art hallway of Jenkins Hall from April 4-7 with donated art turned in no later than the 4th. All TJC students are eligible to have their work auctioned off. The catch is students must donate their art to the art club and the proceeds pay for art club programs.

     “It is something we started six or seven years ago as a fundraiser,” said Chris Stewart, Art Department Chair. “When we first started, we had no clue what we would end up with. I think we brought in a surprisingly large amount of money.”

     The money is divided to help pay for art club functions. Some goes towards art scholar­ships and a portion goes to charity.

     “The students and faculty donate pieces, either stuff they did in class or on their own. All the proceeds go to the art club, who uses that money for scholarships and charities. We always donate part of our proceeds to a char­ity like Make-A- Wish or something like that,” said Stewart.

     The art will be put on the walls of the art hall with a slip of paper beside it. The bidding will usually start at zero and bids placed must have the person’s name and phone number with a bid of no less than two dollars over the stand­ing bid.

     “At the close of the auction, around 4 p.m. Thursday April 7, the art club students volun­teer by calling the highest bidder. They have a week to come and claim their purchase and at the end of the week. If they have not claimed it, it will go to the next highest valid bid,” said Derrick White a professor in the art dept. and faculty sponsor of the art club.

     This year the art department has added a new variation to buying the donated art.

     “This year we are going to have the added feature of a buy-it-now price on a select num­ber of pieces or the people that can’t be here to guard it. They can have it taken out for a set price,” White said.

     The reason for the students donating pieces varies. Some students do it for recognition and some do it to help.

     “Last semester I donated a piece because I received a scholarship and I just wanted to give them something back and also it is a way to have my artwork seen,” said Alejandro Alfaro, an art student at TJC.

     People walk down the hall all the time and look at other student exhibitions and other art­ist showings.

     “The auction is a really good thing because you do have a lot of people come down here and browse,” said Alfaro.

     There are many types of art donat­ed to the auction. Alfaro said he would probably donate a painting or collage this semester.

     Anyone who wants can walk by and place a bid on a work they like. It could be a piece that would go great on the wall of their home or office.

     “Anybody can go there. We encour­age everyone. It is a great way to get some good quality work at a remarkably low price, especially with a budget and all the money goes for the students,” Stewart said.

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