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Battle of the brews: Students decide who wins Dutch Bros or 7Brew 

This infographic of the two most popular drive-thru coffee stands in Tyler represents which one was better due to the ongoing rivalry the two stands, and their customers, have for each other. 

I used my social media platforms: Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook to gather the data I needed to see which college students prefer.

Due to a 29 vote lead, Dutch Bros is the preferred drive-thru coffee shop stand in Tyler. 

7Brew and Dutch Bros have been competitors since they first opened in Tyler. 

7Brew opened in October 2022, and so did Dutch Bros.

According to the Dutch Bros “Our Story” page on their website, the company started in 1992 as a pushcart by the railroad tracks in Grants Pass, Oregon. The founders, Dane and Travis Boersma, worked in the dairy business before leaving it to start serving espresso. In 2000, the company expanded. This expansion started in Oregon and spread across the Northwest.

Today, Dutch Bros continues to grow and has over 100 stands across the U.S.

According to the website’s “Our Beliefs” page, Dutch Bros mission is giving back to the community through fundraisers, grants and donations. Additionally, Dutch Bros cares for the community by reducing their environmental impact. 

7Brew’s first stand was opened in Rogers, Arkansas. According to 7Brew’s “About” page, “7Brew is more than just a coffee stand, it cultivates kindness and joy with every drink. It’s changing the drive-thru coffee industry. 

Today, 7Brew has 143 stands across the country, and is planning to expand more. 

7Brew’s mission is to revolutionize coffee with fast service,  product quality and atmosphere. 

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