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Belles get the spotlight during Spring Show

     It’s 7 a.m. and most students are hitting their snooze buttons, begging for a few more minutes, while Jasilyn Schaefer, interim director of the Apache Belles, is getting ready to coach the Belles for the upcoming spring show.

     “The Belle show is the only event during the entire year that features just the Apache Belles. This is our championship, our Superbowl,” said Schaefer.

     The theme for the spring show is “Get Real” and the entire show is based on reality TV.

     “Reality TV is such a craze and we want to explore why America is so addicted to reality TV and how true is reality TV,” said Schaefer.

     The Apache Belles are putting in overtime to prepare for this show.

     “A lot of preparation goes into making this show possible,” said Aubrie Borelli, a sophomore at Tyler Junior College. “We have practice every morning to perfect the dances and to make the show wonderful. We also have the occasional Saturday practices.”

     While working hard for the show, the soph­omore girls are realizing this is the last spring show for them.

     “Honestly, I am gong to cry my eyes out at the last show,” said Tara Broussard, a sophomore at TJC. “Belles has been a huge part of my life. It has been my steppingstone into becoming a bet­ter person, a better dancer and a better friend.”

     Others have formed a sisterly bond.

     “[I’m]leaving this show with a close bond to many girls that I can now call my sisters,” said Borelli.

     The sophomore Belles have left their direc­tor with nothing but kind words to say.

     “They have made me proud of each and ev­ery one of them and have upheld the integrity of the team,” said Schaefer.

     Although the show is bittersweet for most, it also symbolizes a new beginning for some.

     “For the freshmen, this symbolizes the ending of their year and learning how to be an Apache Belle. They’ll learn how to take over the sophomore positions as [the] new leaders of the team,” said Schaefer.

     The spring show begins at 7:30 p.m. on March 31. There will be a special matinee per­formance at 2 p.m. on April 2. The Belles will be performing in the Wise Auditorium. Students are encouraged to get tickets now.

     “Students get free tickets with their IDs, and I’d encourage them to get ahead of time at the cashier’s office,” said Schaefer. “The box office will be open on show night, but [ there is]no guarantee of extra tickets.”

     For more information contact Jasilyn Schaefer at (903)-510-3162 or jsch@tjc.edu.

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