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“Insidious” Review

     This eerie film “Insidious” por­trayed in the modern-day, tells a ter­rifying story of a normal, working class family that happens upon an evil force that threatens their lives and the soul of their young son.

     The creepy scene is set as forces of evil torment the daily lives of everyone living in the home. The mother at­tempts to find answers to her questions and her son’s mysterious condiction.

     The plot will keep you guessing until the very end with many scares and twists around every corner. It’s hard not to find yourself locked up by fear, with adrenaline pumping shock­ers lurking within the darkness, behind doors, in bedrooms or down the dim lit hallways.

     This terrific, fear-gripping piece of work, created by the people who brought you “Paranormal Activity,” will be one of the most sought after horror film tickets in the box office this year.

     You can’t afford to miss out on such a mystery and pure evil representation of vengeful spirits.

     Are you prepared for the most un­settling roller coaster ride of the film world since The Sixth Sense? See it soon in theaters April, 1, 2011.

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