By Marie Salazar & Justin Walters

As TJC jumps into the fall semester, let’s take a moment to reminisce by going over TJC’s top 10 summer jams. 

The DrumBeat Staff took the Top 10 Mediabase Year-To-Date (Radio Play) songs and the Billboard (Listener) Top 10 Summer Jams of the week of Aug. 16, and created a converged list of 10 songs to present to TJC students.

After running a poll on The DrumBeat’s social media, we have created a finalized list of TJC’s top ten summer jams, ranking least favorite (10) to the No.1 one choice. 

Image courtesy of Warner Music

#10 “Butter” – BTS

Ranking in at No. 10 we have “Butter” by BTS. This dance-pop track has won the hearts of many. In Butter BTS discusses their experiences of love being sweet and charismatic for both them and their lovers.

Image courtesy of Columbia Records

#9 “Bad Habits” – Ed Sheeran 

This late-night-based jam focuses on how we all make bad decisions late in the night. It also discusses how these habits need to be broken when the sun comes. Though it strays away from Sheeran’s usual style of music, it remains in the top 10 favorites for many. 

Image courtesy of Columbia Records

#8 “Stay” – The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber 

 Though this song has an upbeat type of feeling, the meaning behind the song is actually deeper than what meets the eye. In this song, both artists beg their current love to not leave them despite all of the abusive and ugly things they have done to them. 

Image courtesy of Columbia Records

#7 “Industry Baby” – Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow

Lil Nas X’s takes a stab at his newfound haters in his recent single “Industry Baby”, after the recent flack Nas received from his most recent song “Montero, Call me by your name.” He collabs with Jack Harlow to create a single discussing his rise to fame despite the hate from “baby boomers.”

Image courtesy of XO Records

#6 “Take My Breath” – The Weeknd 

In this sensual track, The Weeknd lyrically opens up more than what is considered his usual. He discusses not only tapping into his own wild desires but those of his newfound lover. This new vulnerable side has put him at No.6 on our student chart.

Image courtesy Warner Records

#5 Levitating – Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s disco-themed hit “Levitating” is a dedication to her younger self and falling in love. Unlike many love songs, this piece is focused on the fun side many forget to enjoy. Whether that’s the butterflies you get or getting to know a potential lover/friend for life. 

Image courtesy of Interscope Records

#4 “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish 

This melancholy, semi-upbeat hit has the hearts of many fans around the globe. From trending on TikTok to ranking No.4 in our poll, it is easy to see where Eilish’s hit stands. Eilish discusses the downside to her previous relationship with her ex; Even going as far as describing the disappointment she felt in the way she was treated. 

Image courtesy of RCA

#3 “Need To Know” – Doja Cat 

“Need to know” is an upbeat R&B track many are playing on repeat. In this track, Doja discusses how she has no true type of lover. She also shares how she is open to anything that is given to her, in the way of intimacy, as well as her sexual history. 

Image courtesy of Interscope Records

#2 “Good 4 You” – Olivia Rodrigo 

Though Rodrigo’s rise to fame was exceptionally short, her talent in music is easily recognizable. This pop post-breakup song is topping the charts nationwide. In “Good 4 You” Rodrigo touches bases on how she’s “happy” her ex has moved on fairly easily despite her personal struggle.

Image courtesy of Interscope Records

#1 “Deja Vu” – Olivia Rodrigo 

Ranking in at No.1  is, “Deja Vu” In this summer anthem, Rodrigo shares how it is difficult to see her ex with his new lover doing the same stuff they did together. This feeling is one many individuals have in common. Whether the relationship was short-lived, some believe the feeling of jealousy will always be prevalent in past relationships and is natural.