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NYC trip offers new way of earning college credit

Teri Klauser, musical theatre major, said one of her most thrilling experiences was meeting Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth during a TJC class trip to New York City.

“This trip was so exciting, I learned so much and loved all the plays we got to see,” she said.

Dr. David W. Crawford, TJC theater professor, will be offering another trip to New York for students needing a fine arts credit.  The class is categorized as Theatre Appreciation, Summer I. Sign-ups for the trip are going on now. The dates for the trip will be June 5-10.

Theater manager and professor at TJC Jacob Davis has been on the trip three times. He attended once as a student at TJC, and twice just in his own free time.

“I’ve had nothing but good experiences when I went,” Davis said. “Hands down, out of any classes I’ve taken, I got the most out of this course. It truly is experiencing firsthand what theater teachers teach.”

 Teri Klauser, musical theatre major who previously went on the trip, said, “I would advise students to take this class even if they have already taken their fine arts credit. I didn’t even know I was interested in theatre until I saw my first play.”

The first month enrolled, students will researching plays, planning activities and getting to know one another. The majority of content for this class happens in one week in New York City.

“Most theatre teachers here refer to the ‘New York method.’ We want to do theatre at the quality and style that’s done on Broadway. This trip offers more than I could ever teach them from a textbook, they see first hand what to expect,” said Crawford.

While in New York, students will see Broadway shows and participate in workshops led and critiqued by successful producers and actors.

Whitney Rodgers, musical theatre major, will be going on the trip this year for her first time. “As much as I’m looking forward to the Broadway shows, I am most excited about the workshops. Being entertained will be great, learning from experts in their profession is priceless.”

Students are required to keep a journal that logs their experiences prior to and throughout their New York adventure.

Participants decide on their own how spend their free time exploring New York. Crawford encourages them to prepare and plan for plenty of sight-seeing. “On our first free day I planned to go see ‘The Phantom of the Opera,'” said Klauser.

Although this trip is given for school credit, it is not only open to students. “People from all walks of life have been on this trip. It’s much more affordable than planning it yourself, and if you’re not taking it for class credit, you are free to go by your own schedule,” said Crawford.

Trip prices vary from $2,400-$2,700 depending on how many occupy a room. For those interested in taking the course for credit, paying for tuition is required. Payment plans are available.

As a new strategy to help students raise money for their trip, Dr. Crawford put together a “Work Crew.” People can list odd-jobs they need done, such as housekeeping and organizing. Those on the Work Crew will fill the jobs, and the money they make will go towards their trip.

Contact Dr. Crawford for more information: dcra@tjc.edu  or 903-510-2678.


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