“So…how many times have you read them?”—a con- versation starter many fans of the acclaimed Harry Potter series often use to connect with each other. More often than not, the response is usually more than once.


Whether one chooses to believe it or not, the Harry Potter series has affected most aspects of pop culture in some way or another. The highly praised books sparked an interest in children to read again—a feat not seen in quite some time. Once they were converted to the silver screen, it became a complete box office phenomenon, arguably the most successful series that will ever exist.


But what makes this particular series—out of all the others in the world—so unique and brilliant? From its fee- ble beginnings on a stalled train ride, author J.K. Rowling has undoubtedly come up with more incredible ideas than most writers could conjure in a lifetime.


To celebrate the overwhelming success and give her thanks to an ever-growing fanbase, Rowling has launched a unique online experience for the readers and movie-goers alike called Pottermore. Essentially, it is the next step into the world of Harry Potter, allowing users to see into the mind of the author and develop a deeper understanding of the books.

“It’s the same story with a few crucial additions,” Rowling says in her video announcement posted earlier this summer. “

The most important one is you.”


Basically, the user will be able to read through the books with interactive elements that take them further into the story, revealing back stories and other facts about certain characters, places, or events, to name a few.


Pottermore, according to Rowling, is only limited by one’s imagination. It will be a safe site for readers to collaborate together and interact with the books themselves.


Rowling also notes in her video that she is excited to reveal new information that she’s been “hoarding for years

about the world of Harry Potter.” While the official opening of Pottermore is saved for the public for October 2011, one million lucky fans were invited to view the website before its launch, even given permission to make suggestions and give feed- back. However, only a few guests are allowed to enter at a time.


In order to have claimed a spot during the week of July 31 to Aug. 6, a series of clues was given on the site, lead- ing to more sites pertaining to the Potter series. If the individual was in time and followed the clues, the Magical Quill and an early bid was theirs for the taking.


One individual from Tyler, Lauralee Stewart, a freshman attending Savan– nah College of Art and De- sign, was one of the lucky fans who obtained a bid to an early entrance. As an avid reader, collec– tor, and supporter of the “Harry Potter” movement, she displays her excitement about this new ad- venture on her sleeve.


“It’s a way to keep Harry in our lives even though the books and movies have ended,” Stew- art notes about the website. “It’s going to be a great way for all Potter fans to come together and rediscover everything we love about the series all over again.”


While she has not received her invitation to explore the site yet, Stewart’s expectations are high, predicting that certain scenes will be interactive in relation to where the follower is in the books.


As a Hogwarts enthusiast’s dream come true, Rowling’s vision com- ing to life could make any fan beg for more. Potte
is sure to be a hit in the making for those who grew up with Harry and lived vicariously through the witches and wizards of this magical world.

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