Review: HBO Max shows worth subscribing to

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When it comes to the discussion on the best trending shows and films, Netflix always seems to take the spotlight. Although there’s nothing wrong with Netflix, it’s definitely time to divert the entertainment attention to other deserving streaming platforms, like HBO Max. 

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Here are some mature, yet college-friendly HBO Max Original favorites:


I don’t know a time when I haven’t picked up my phone without seeing a reference to the drama series, “Euphoria.” This show highlights topics of drug abuse, depression, grief, friendship and much more. The main character, Rue, is a drug addict who has just come back from rehab. Along the way, the story focuses on multiple characters and their different internal and external struggles. Many graphic scenes and triggers are incorporated; however, the overall plot encompasses a plethora of powerful messages and themes. It is made known in the beginning of every episode that “Euphoria” is for mature audiences only.

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“Love Life”

“Love Life” is a rom com about a woman named Darby and a man named Marcus who is in search of love in many different ways. While not all the relationships they experience are successful, the people they meet do leave lasting impressions. Each episode is separated by each partner they have, all with different personalities and looks. This show takes the audience on Darby and Marcus’ separate love journeys and is filled with both romance and humor.

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“The Girl Before”

This show is a psychological thriller exploring the lives of two individuals who have lived in the same minimalistic house but at different times. This house isn’t an ordinary house, as it doesn’t require rent, but data analysis. The designer and architect has also placed strict rules for the house that seem a bit odd. Before someone can live in the house, they must be interviewed by the architect, and it is up to him if they are “fit” for the house. The current tenant, Jane, makes a shocking revelation about the previous resident, which causes her to question her safety in the house.

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“Insecure’’ is a comedy series about a group of black women who do not fall into the stereotype of the typical black women, meaning strong and confident. In fact, the characters are the exact opposite in many ways. The main focus is on Issa and her best friend Molly and how they learn to accept the reality of their flaws and insecurities. Indie and artists of color are featured, and many episodes showcase a variety of social and racial issues that relate to black society.

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“The Sex Lives of College Girls”

In this comedy-drama series, four roommates navigate their social and sexual lives while at Essex College. Although chaotic, Kimberly, Leighton, Whitney and Bela’s mission is to discover who they are and live as their truest selves. While on their journey of self-discovery, the women develop a close-knit friendship with one another. This show reveals the importance of friendship and embracing who you are while creating a comedic atmosphere.