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“Scream 4” Review

     “Do you like scary movies?” This was one of the most memorable hor­ror movie phrases that kept the audi­ence on edge. The killing has begun again, but this time things have most definitely got a lot more shocking, and not to mention interesting.

     In this fourth installment of the Scream series, the game of cat and mouse has evolved with more gore, blood and outright scares, that will leave you wanting more.

     It draws you in with the every­day average Joe, having fun with friends to only end up being tracked and chased by a cold-blooded killer, who plays a twisted game of life and death by phone.

     This film holds true to its former predecessors, but the mystery of the plot might leave you more confused than scared in the middle. But all and all, this is a must-see if you’re a follower of the last three films.

     “Scream 4” will be in a theater near you on April, 15, 2011. It is a much-anticipated release that many die-hard fans would kill to see.

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