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Students sweep college art competition

     Art students at TJC take top spots in the 2011 College Art Day and Juried Art exhibi­tion with both drawing and paintings.

     The competition was held at the Fine Arts Complex lecture hall on the UT Tyler campus.

     It gives students the chance to meet with professors, tour the facilities and learn more about the UT Tyler Department of Art and Art History. There are also art scholarships to be won in the juried competition.

     Lorianne Hubbard and Erin Ethridge won the only two $2,000 art scholarships, while David Maldonado and Erika Garrett both won $1,000 art scholorships.

     On March 4 these four students, along with other junior colleges from all around East Texas, had their art judged by faculty from UT Tyler and were presented with awards and scholarships.

     Art Students use their creativity for themselves and for the pleasure of others. They use their creativity to express emotions and attitude. So expressing themselves when they win a competition for their creativity is sometimes different.

     “I was pretty much speechless. Re­ally happy and very excited. It was awesome,” said Hubbard.

     It was the final day to enter the competition and Hubbard had really not given any thought to entering the event.

     “Mrs. Philana actually took care of it for me. It was the last day and she asked me if I wanted her to take it over there [UT Campus] and enter it. I said sure. She has re­ally been a help to me,” Hubbard said.

     The teachers show their pride in their students and all the hard work the stu­dents put into their pieces.

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