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Hello, my name is Taylor Griffin, and I am unconditionally and irrevocably the biggest fan of The Twilight Saga, and I am not asham

While I did not bandwagon until the first movie was released, I can tell you anything you want to know about the series—try me. So naturally, I was stoked to write this review.  Quite the contrary actually.  I have yet to really decide if I love or hate “Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1.”

First off, I will now take the liberty of gushing about my love for midnight premieres because this review began in the freezing line outside Carmike Cinema 14. This particular film rounded off my fifteenth premiere—including all of the “Twilight” films, each of which has been totally different from the rest. There is something so exhilarating about seeing a movie before the rest of your friends who were too tired to attend—such amateurs. I love simply sitting and waiting in line among people who are just as anxious to see the movie as I am. After so many of them, I can proudly say that I yawped a-many at the “Pirates 2” showing in the seventh grade, cringed at the dance sequence in “Spider-man 3,” and escorted my life-size cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen dressed in a shirt that read “Hooray for Hufflepuff” to the “Half-Blood Prince” premiere.

Now, back to the review of “Breaking Dawn.” The first time around, I had so many mixed feelings about it, but after the second time, I actually learned to love it.

This installment was by far the most bizarre of the four—duh—but the book, to begin with, was not up to par and certainly did not give the series justice as its closing. The film is a continuation of the first three and follows Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) all the way to the altar to meet her hunky vampire soul mate Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) which starts an entire ripple of events that end in almost certain death for Bella when she delivers an immortal child that could do more harm than good. 

I will argue that it was fairly accurate to the book as far as events are concerned, and I can appreciate that redeeming quality. While I certainly am not one to compare the book to movie too heavily, some parts were just way off and definitely could have been avoided.

And the worst part? There were so many laughable moments that were by no means meant to be. Tell me you did not laugh at the wolf scenes that were somewhat reminiscent of the Dark Knight’s demeanor.


However, just when any devoted “Twi-hard” was about to throw their mint-condition copy on the ground in rage, one aspect at the end manages to keep the rest of the movie’s head above water. In my opinion, the birth scene truly hit it out of the park. While it swayed from the book’s original gory description, the movie added, tweaked, and took a few liberties and extremes that expertly set up the final installment. Snicker if you must, but I really think Robert Pattinson nailed the anguish and distress his iconic character feels during this scene.

  The second (and third) time I saw it completely changed my perspective for reasons I still cannot seem to tell. Everything seemed so much more beautiful and likable than the first go-round. 

Keeping with the saga’s tradition of perfectly executing a flawless playlist, the “Breaking Dawn” soundtrack effortlessly matches the tone of the movie. Not only that, but the score for this installment mirrors that of the first movie’s “Bella’s Lullaby.” Carter Burwell, composer of the first film as well, stunningly laces that recurring theme with a somewhat more mature edge to signify Bella’s own growth. It is meaningful in that it almost takes back the story to its roots in the most pivotal scene of the entire film—Bella’s transformation into a vampire. 

In the end, I am giving this movie three and a half out of five chips. While it definitely left something to be desired, I will say it excelled in areas where a lot of book-to-movies fail. Hopefully,  part two will surpass it.

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