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Tyler Escape Room lets you solve a murder

A woman was murdered! You have one hour to find out who killed her, how she was killed and the time of the death, before the killer returns!

“Success depends on the ability to uncover clues, solve riddles and crack codes,” said Richard Graham, one of the owners of Tyler Escape Room.

Tyler Escape Room is an established where clues over a murder are put together in a locked room and the participants have one hour, which is timed in a television screen, to solve the murder.

Currently the establishment has one room called Unsolved Mystery Room, with the team being a dressing-room of a Hollywood Starlet in 1950. A new room is in progress and will be called Agent 777, the objective in this room is to find the name and location of the agent and the last thing is to defuse a bomb. The owners expect this room to be ready in a month and are now in the process of getting the bomb.

“It was pretty realistic, I really liked it…you basically solve a mystery, eventually it became like real life,” said Shelbee Brewer, TJC student who did the Unsolved Mystery Room with two other friends.

Shelbee found the experience different and also good for team bonding. Her and Dalton DeLaCruz, TJC student majoring in Forensic Psychology, almost escaped the room, they needed one more minute according to her.

“I was looking for a clue in one side of the room, while Dalton tried to solve another puzzle,” said Brewer. “As soon as we got a number, a code, we would divide and try to unlocked all the lockers in the room.”

DeLaCruz would like to do it again and is interested on the new room that is coming up.

“My favorite part was being able to be in that kind of environment, since this is my major, this is the kind of field I want to go into,” said DeLaCruz. “I’ve seen the fun side, and I know that’s not how is going to be be in the future, so it was a good and chill lesson also.”

Richard Graham and Dede Graham are the owners of Tyler Escape Room, this being a side business for the couple. They experienced their first No Escape Room in Oklahoma City on June of 2015.

“We did our first Escape Room with our son, he is 12…it helped us work together, bond together,” Said Dede Graham.

In the past summer the family visited Colorado, where they did another Escape Room.

“After Colorado we thought, man why don’t we bring this to Tyler? You know, with the college students and all…but not only them, the adults also, we love it too,” Said Dede Graham.DSC_0030.JPG

This experience is recommend by the owners to families, coworkers, friends in general and also for dates. The cost is $24 dollars per person, each room can accommodate eight people. Children under 6 years old aren’t allowed.

Rooms can be booked online, www.tylerescaperoom.com/ or email tylerescaperoom@yahoo.com. The establishment is on 2715 University Blvd Tyler, TX

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