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2011 Spring Fling: Cancelled?

     The Spring Fling concerts have always been one of TJC’s highlights because it gives students a chance to relax and have fun with their fellow Apaches. For anyone who does not attended the school, they are given the chance to pay to participate in the events.

     Since 1995, Tyler Junior College has been known for hosting these concerts where it in­vites different musical artists or groups to come out and perform while food and games are sometimes provided.

     Students who have attended the Spring Fling concerts before say that they’re anxious to see who will come out and perform this time while some of the newer students say that they just want to see what it’s all about.

     “Last year the school had the New Boyz, The Crisis and SwitchFoot come out and the year before that Gym Class Heroes were here and that was one of the best ones so far. I sort of can’t wait to see who they might bring out this time, if they’re still having one this year,” said Bre’anna Loftis, a sophomore student.

     For students like Duane Johnson, a fresh­men student, this will be the first Spring Fling he has been to. “At first I didn’t know TJC had different music people come here and play. I heard that the concerts are fun, so I guess I’m ready to see what this one will be like,” Johnson said.

     When asked if the school was hosting another Spring Fling this semester, Vincent Nguyen, the director of Student Life and In­volvement, “As of now, we do not know for sure if we’re having the Spring Fling this semester because of certain factors that we have to work around right now. We currently do not have a budget for the event, meaning we don’t know how much money we need to pay for the enter­tainment, food and other requirements needed.

     “There is no set date for it, but if an event does come into production, we want to make sure that it is a fun event for our students, pro­vided with food, games, and activities so that they can have an overall good feel and experi­ence,” said Nguyen.

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