Crema Coffee pours into Tyler 

crema coffee shop front counter

By Asia Johnson

Managing Editor

Crema Coffee Co. is a new coffee company that rolled into town. This shop, owned by Michaela and Eric Ta, is located in Three Lakes Parkway Suite beside Little Caesars. 

Crema has an inviting and modern atmosphere that has attracted many customers, as Crema employee and dental hygiene major, Cesceily Jennings explains.

“The atmosphere at Crema is definitely different than most coffee shops I would say, compared to traditional shops like The Foundry. You instantly walk into a fresh, modern atmosphere,” Jennings said. “Upbeat music, laughs and good feelings are all present as you walk through our door. My coworkers, along with myself, are ready to greet you and make your experience worthwhile.”

Crema sells their own merchandise like custom cups ranging from $20-$24. They also serve many different items such as espressos, teas, frosted drinks, signature drinks and a variety of food. They recently launched their spring menu, consisting of five spring-themed drinks, which include: “Cloud Nine,” “Maple Blossoms,” “The Honey Bee,” “Vanilla Sky Latte” and “Flower Power.” Their specialty menus have caused much rave on social media and within the community.

crema coffee worker making an expresso
Photo by Chris Swann

Another component sparking much consumer interest is all items are gluten free and vegan options are available, which is the key to the company’s all-inclusive purpose.

“Customers come in and are so excited to finally eat a muffin, brownie or even have toppings on top of their drinks because they know it will all be gluten free,” Jennings said. “Michaela, who has [Celiac] Disease, wanted to make an atmosphere where others with the same condition or other intolerances could safely indulge in their favorite desserts and treats.”

Their menu can be described as distinct which attracts some consumers’ taste buds. 

Tyler resident Ashley Crerend said, “The fact that people who are gluten free can go there and not have to worry about anything on the menu is fantastic. The variety of drinks they offer is far better than a lot of coffee shops I have tried. There is literally something for everyone.”

In March, Crema introduced “The Sunflower” drink, which is a dulce de leche toffee nut latte topped with a cookie butter cold foam, in support of the Ukrainian War. Out of all proceeds, 50% will be donated to Save the Children Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. The owners of Crema have agreed to match all donations.

Creating and cultivating the community is imperative to Crema and its employees. Their donations to causes like the Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund helps the global community, but employees are also dedicated to keeping local consumers satisfied.                  

“My favorite part about my job is the interactions I have with our customers. Whether they are regulars, first-timers, or even just stopping by to say hello and grab a fresh cup of coffee, no two interactions are the same,” Jennings said.

Business hours are from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekends.

For more information or to view their menu, visit their Facebook page at Crema_Coffee Co.