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Discovering how to accept opening and closing doors

By Marie Salazar


In life the best quality to have is adaptability. As Alexander Graham Bell said, “When one door closes, another opens.” Despite how overly optimistic this quote may seem, the meaning behind it stands true when faced with surprising life outcomes. 

I originally graduated from Tyler Junior College in fall 2021. All of my plans had been set in stone for transferring, and as an overachiever, I pretty much had everything done that I needed. I had already mentally prepared myself to say goodbye to my friends. I had met with my adviser for my new college; I was ready to leave TJC. 

Unfortunately despite my readiness, a blunder was made and I was unable to transfer. Even though I thought my world was crashing internally, I was actually faced with the task of staying optimistic while searching for “my new door.”

Throughout the spring 2022 semester, I learned the importance of adaptability. By being adaptable one must view obstacles as opportunities. Life is full of nothing but challenges however the decision to grow from these can be the hardest. 

By staying at TJC for the spring semester, I was able to take additional classes that now transfer toward my bachelor’s degree. After looking at my spring 2022 term detail, at TJC I paid an estimated total of $1,598 to take three classes for my spring semester. If I would have transferred I would have attended the University of Texas at Tyler full time, which is considered three classes, and I would have been paying an estimated total of $12,595 for tuition, fees, books and supplies, according to collegeforalltexans.com.

As a student coming from a low-income family, pricing of college played a large factor in my decision. I was unaware TJC offered additional classes that would transfer to UT Tyler, and in the end, I saved a significant amount that could have potentially affected my future. If I were aware of this savings opportunity, I would have planned to take additional classes much sooner. 

In addition to saving money, I was able to attend my first ​​Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition where I won five awards for my work with The DrumBeat Student Media. During this trip, I was given the opportunity to meet various successful people within my industry and make a name for myself. This trip was also a perfect opportunity to bond with the individuals in my organization and create lifelong friendships. 

The last door that was opened by staying at TJC was my overall growth in leadership. I served an additional semester as Editor-in-Chief of The DrumBeat Student Media, and with that, I have grown in many ways. I have learned to be patient, compassionate and understanding. I faced battles that tested my morality and strengthened my passion to make a change within the world. I also gained experience in technical aspects such as leadership expectations, producing breaking news and growing my skills in many software programs. 

Overall, when faced with closing doors look to ones that are opening in their place. 

With that being said, it is safe to say my time at TJC is officially ending, and as I look back at this semester, I now know staying provided me with experiences I was not expecting. 

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