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Driven to succeed


Not knowing the rules to a sports game can put an athlete at a serious disadvantage. Being the first person in your family to go to college can be rough as well.

TRiO can help get you started if you’re a first timer. TRiO is a support service program that helps students transfer to four-year schools, allows access to double tutor- ing time, and offers workshops. It can help students set up their class schedules so they won’t be too overwhelmed and also offers financial advice. TRiO is also very helpful with study techniques.

Their goal is to “put at-risk students on level footing with other students,” said Renee Hawkins, project coordinator.

“TRiO has been very helpful,” says John Snow, a stu– dent at TJC doing his pre-med basics.

TRiO helped Snow straighten out his academic pro- gram and learn the way a college campus works. 

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