JumpShot jumps into production in East Texas

Jumpshot coffee logo and cups of coffee
Photo by Alexa Glenn

JumpShot Coffee, located on 734 South Fleishel Ave., is one of Tyler’s newest local coffee shops. 

They will be launching TJC Tuesdays, where students with a valid student ID will get 10% off all drinks. 

From frappes and lattes, to smoothies, teas and pastries, JumpShot offers a variety of drinks and snacks available to the community. Their most popular item is called the “Fatty Daddy,” which is a caramel based, iced Americano with caramel cold foam on top.

What makes JumpShot stand out is the objective of the shop, which store manager, Spencer Burton explains.

“We’re a for-purpose coffee shop, meaning that we take profit, but we also take some of our profits for the betterment of the community or for other charities,” Burton said. “And our owners, Sasha and Levi, are supporting an orphanage in Uganda through JumpShot. And so every Sunday, all of our net proceeds go to supporting that orphanage. I would say that’s what sets us apart as well.”

Burton explained the reasoning behind the location choice was because the owners understood a demand from the neighboring hospital and they desired to supply what was needed. He also expounded on local businesses and the importance of them.

“I think the importance of local businesses and local coffee shops, I think it’s just the way you impact your community,” Burton said. “It’s the easiest way to give back, the easiest way to make change when you’re not having to support people who don’t even live in the city or know the needs of what the city is going through or even the neighborhood or in the community there.”

Photo by Alexa Glenn

Not only does JumpShot create a haven for the community, but they also provide a safe setting for their employees.

“I think the environment and the community aspect that we’re trying to create is my favorite. It’s not just a workplace, but it’s a place that we can come in, and we know what’s going on in each other’s lives,” Burton said. “We like actively tried to hang out with each other outside of work. And it’s not a place where we’re like, getting on each other or like, coming down really hard. But it’s one where we try to build each other up and try to grow and improve individually and as a team.”

JumpShot Coffee’s hours of business are from 5:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. daily, with happy hours from 2-6 p.m where all drinks are 10% off.

They are currently open to hire more staff and have shown interest in catering for social events.

For more information, visit JumpShot Tyler TX on Facebook or go online at flowcode.com/page/jumpshotcoffee