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New facility plans to help students one word at a time


Tyler Junior College sophomore and nursing student Tiffany McKenzie knows the importance of being able to find resources that help students understand what they read. The Quality Enhancement Plan also shares this goal and in early October, construction will start on the Quest Student Success Center, a place where all students can come and get help with reading.

“When I took Reading 0302, to be at the [QSSC], it helped me know how to get a better understanding of what I read,” said McKenzie.

The QSSC will be in the northeast corner of the library and is expected to be finished in January, 2012. It will include a classroom, an office for Quality Enhancement Plan Director, Wade Skinner, and a computer lab.

Skinner believes the QSSC will not just help students who have problems with reading but will benefit all TJC students.

“It is not a developmental initiative. This is designed for everybody,” said Skinner. “So think of it like you would the writing center where anybody can come and get help for writing.”

According to Skinner, the QSSC will have tutors who can help students with their reading comprehension skills and this spring, they will also have workshops that students can attend for free.

Librarian Marian Jackson thinks the QSSC lab will be a good addition for the library. “Because reading and the library have long gone hand in hand, I just think it makes sense,” said Jackson. ” The center is going to be almost a one-stop shop in that they can come here to get info, needs met, and they can come to get a tutor.”

Jackson also hopes the QSSC builds students’ passion for reading.

“Personally, I hope [students] develop a love for reading,” said Jackson. “I hope that they develop their critical thinking skills. Boy, do they need it now.”

During the construction period, the library will not have to close but it might get a little loud until the work is complete.

“We’re going to be open for business, it will just be noisy,” Jackson said. “We can’t afford to pay overtime for the construction to take place when we’re closed.”

“We’re running a contest right now and after the first 100 likes, I will post a question that’s based on the information on QEP and the first person to answer correctly will win a prize,” said Skinner.

For this go to http://http://www.tjc.edu/QEP/.

Skinner also believes the lab is another way that TJC is fulfilling its promises to students.

“I mean our mission statement of course is a quality education, that’s the first dimension of our mission statement and this definitely addresses the quality education aspect,” said Skinner.

“This is enhancing the quality of our student body by increasing their skills in reading comprehension.”

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