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Professional Programs help students shoot for stars


     The School of Professional & Technical Programs, formerly known as the school of Ap­plied Studies, offers programs for those who plan to transfer to upper-level institutions or enter specific career fields.

     “Our intent is to take students as far as they can go or as far as they’d like to go,” the Dean of the School of Professional and Techni­cal programs Dr. Clayton Allen said.

     The biggest advantage in choosing a pro­fessional or technical program before a four year university comes to those who know what field they’d like a career in. Two-year technical or professional degrees are also a good option for those who want a degree yet need to lessen the expense or time of a traditional college.

     Tyler Junior Colleges offers 20 programs within the school of Professional and Techni­cal Programs. Programs such as automotive technology, criminal justice, medical office as­sistant, paralegal, graphic design/photography and more. (For a full list see http://www.tjc.edu/proft­ech/)

     According to academic advisor, Stephanie Arriola, many diverse groups are attracted to these programs.

     “We’ve got all ranges. We have students who are coming directly from high school. We have returning students that are adult students, that have been in the workforce sometime and they realize that to get a promotion, to move up into a higher level within their agency or com­pany, they need to have a degree of some kind,” said Arriola.

     With the demographics being so expan­sive, it shows that anyone can benefit from the courses offered.

     “Even those with a bachelor’s and master’s or advanced degrees are coming back to learn a skill so that they can get a job,” Allen said.

     Some choose these programs to get ahead in their chosen career path.

     “I chose it because I knew I could train to work in my field while finishing school,” said paralegal student Kathryn Young.

     Many students are attracted to the idea of getting into the work field after two years.

     “Honestly I think it’s a great program. I never knew I could learn so much in two years,” said Young, “It’s very well rounded.”

     All the programs are designed to teach students skills needed to succeed on their par­ticular job.The school has advisory committees to give input and make sure courses are up to date with technol­ogy, making it easy for those looking for recertifica­tion or training in certain programs.

     Over the last couple of years, the Technical and Professional School has grown. Unique programs such as Gaming and Simulation Development, and Surveying and Mapping have attracted students from other areas to TJC.

     “We think that we have some offerings that stu­dents need and give them the opportunity to really be successful in a lot of different fields,” Allen said. “Whether it be a certificate program, an associate degree program or a transferring for an advance de­gree, we’d say we’re second to none.”

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