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Q&A with Martha Mutinda

Maya Gayler

Managing Editor

Why did you choose TJC?

I had cousins that came here years before I did, and they recommended it to me.

Did you come here directly from your country?

I came here straight from Kenya. I came January 9 through Dallas, and my cousins brought me to TJC the next day.

What did your family say about coming to TJC?

It was their idea; they told me I was coming here. It was definitely devastating because of having to stay away from family. We really did not see that I was going to come, because the admissions process was not easy. I had to struggle a lot, but when it finally happened we were all happy.

What is your major and why?

Business administration. Initially, I wanted to do public administration because I wanted to help my country, but they do not offer that here.

What are your plans for after TJC?

University, of course. I am not sure where, because I am waiting for scholarships. Wherever they give me a scholarship is where I want to go.

Do you plan on returning to Kenya?

Not exactly. I would like to work here because the work industry is way better here than back home. Hopefully, once I establish myself economically, then I can go back home and help my country.

Did you have any culture shock?

My culture shock was how you guys are so nice to each other. Back home, no one ever is nice to you without an ulterior motive. Here, people are geniuenly nice. Also, how you guys are super tight with your family and parents. There are things you cannot openly discuss with your parents back home, and I see you guys just talking about it. That was more of a culture shock than how you and dress what you eat, because that is the same as back home.

What do you think of Texas?

I have enjoyed it so far. The people are nice. It is easy to adjust. I definitely love the weather.

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